A yellow and brown jade double disc, bi Western Han Dynasty

Lot 27. A yellow and brown jade double disc, bi, Western Han Dynasty (206 BC–9 AD); 10.1cm (4in) diamEstimate HK$ 60,000-80,000. Sold for HK$ 1,240,000 (€ 147,093). Photo: Bonhams.

The disc with both sides meticulously carved with evenly spaced raised spiral bosses, with a pierced narrow inner ring held in place by three rectangular struts, the mottled stone of brownish-yellow tone with dark brown inclusions.

Note: During the Warring States period and Han dynasty, a great variety of carved embellishment and decoration on jade bi discs emerged. In addition to lavish grounds of raised bosses and spirals, openwork and pierced techniques skilfully executed with metal tools were particularly favoured. The present lot's double rings joined by three small segments is noteworthy as an example of the carver's ingenuity.

Compare a related concentric pierced jade huan disc, Warring States period, illustrated in Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Jade 3, Beijing, 2011, p.128, no.124.

Bonhams. The Sze Yuan Tang Collection of Chinese Jades, Hong Kong, 5 April 2016