A spectacular diamond ring of 28.86 carats, D color, VVS1 clarity, Type IIA. Estimate: $1,000,000 – 2,000,000. © Christie's Images Ltd 2020.

NEW YORK, NY.- Since the highly successful inaugural Elizabeth Taylor online sale in December 2011, Christie’s continues to innovate with online across all categories for collectors worldwide. In the June 16-30th sale, Christie’s Jewels will offer the largest D color diamond to be offered for sale online. Estimated at $1-2m, this is the highest valued lot ever offered for sale online at Christie’s.

Encouraged by record online participation and the increased level of transaction, Christie’s Jewels has enhanced its online sales calendar to include higher value property and to offer a new sale each month. The June Online sale will be led by a spectacular diamond ring of 28.86 carats, D color, VVS1 clarity, Type IIa ($1,000,000 - 2,000,000), the highest valued lot ever offered in an online-only sale at Christie’s.

Rahul Kadakia, International Head of Jewelry at Christie’s, remarks, “As the jewelry auction market leader for over twentysix years, our team continues to strategically innovate and bring to market the very best jewels for our clients. This year has presented unprecedented circumstances, enabling Christie’s new opportunities through our enhanced digital platform. Year-over-year, we have seen an increase in online participation and the value threshold for transacting online. Recognizing greater client confidence, we are proud to announce the highest valued lot ever to be offered for sale in our June 2020 Jewels Online auction.”

A Spectacular Diamond Ring Offered in Jewels Online | June 16-30
The combination of a diamond’s unparalleled hardness and crystalline purity has merited its celebrated status and established the stone as the pinnacle of all gemstones. The spectacular 28.86 carat D color VVS1 clarity emerald-cut diamond ring ($1,000,000-2,000,000) presented in Jewels Online (June 16-30) possesses a purity of color and transparency which can only be found in world’s finest natural diamonds. The diamond also belongs to the rare Type IIa category, which are extremely rare, making up less than 2% of all diamonds. These rare diamonds have been unearthed from only a limited number of sources around the world, deeming this stone a miraculous phenomenon.

Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure and are characterized by their exceptional transparency. These stones are incredibly rare gems of the diamond family and have no traces of the colorant nitrogen. The absence of this element gives the stone a purity of color that is observed only in the finest stones originating from the fabled mines of Golconda, Brazil and South Africa.

The shape of the stone, the emerald-cut, is one of the oldest diamond shapes with stylistic origins tracing back to the 1500s. During the Art Deco movement in the 1920s, the cut was modernized based off a shape initially created for emeralds, thus the name, and the style rose to popularity. Today, the sleek look of an emerald-cut diamond, with its elongated, step-cut facets, is admired all over the world.

Strong Digital Engagement in 2020
For the first part of the year, Christie’s has witnessed unprecedented engagement from clients participating in online sales from over 150 countries with new registrants as high as 80% for select sales. In particular, strong results were achieved for Jewels Online sales with sellthrough rates ranging from 89% through 99% with overall sale totals achieving double their pre-sale estimates.

Recent Jewels Online results:

• Jewels (February 5-13): totaled $2,436,375, with 93% sold by lot and 173% against the pre-sale low estimate. The top lot was a pair of Graff Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings that realized $187,500 against a low estimate of $8,000; a new record for a lot sold in a Christie’s Jewels Online sale.


Lot 337. Graff Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings. Estimate: USD 8,000 - USD 12,000. Price Realised: USD 187,500. © Christie's Images Ltd 2020.

• Jewels (April 13-24): totaled $1,352,125, with 99% sold by lot and 191% against the pre-sale low estimate. Global participation from 31 countries and five continents with 38.5% new buyers. Unprecedented online engagement across 150 countries with a 99% increase of unique visitors compared to April 2019. The top lot was an Emerald and Diamond ‘Icon’ Necklace by Graff that sold for $52,500, against a low estimate of $10,000.

Graff Icon Pendant Graff Diamonds ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring ...

Lot 157. Emerald and Diamond ‘Icon’ Necklace by GraffEstimate: USD 10,000 - USD 15,000. Price Realised: USD 52,500© Christie's Images Ltd 2020.

• Jewels (April 28-May 8): totaled HK$10,635,375 / US$1,378,865, achieving the highest total for a Jewels Online sale in Hong Kong, with 89% sold by lot, 138% against the pre-sale low estimate, and global participation from 20 countries. The top lot was a Cartier Diamond Necklace that sold for HK$350,000 / US$70,000, against a low estimate of HK$ 80,000 / US$10,000. 


Lot 5. Cartier Diamond Necklace. Estimate: HKD 80,000 - HKD 120,000. Price Realised: HKD 350,000 (USD 70,000)© Christie's Images Ltd 2020.

Virtual Private Sales Viewing Rooms
Complementing the offering of online sales, is the recently launched virtual Private Sales Viewing Room for Jewels. Traditionally a bespoke service for buyers and sellers, a new online viewing room offers the ability to virtually view available property remotely in close detail and confer directly with specialists. Continually refreshed with new property, the Jewels Private Sales Viewing room offers access to some of the most covetable pieces among a range of price points.