Lot 73. A green jade archaistic cylindrical vessel, cong, Qing Dynasty; 8cm (3in) highEstimate HK$80,000-120,000. Sold for HK$ 5,440,000 (€ 649,994). Photo Bonhams.

Of cylindrical square-sectioned form, carved on all four sides of the exterior with three registers of stylised masks featuring prominent eyes, the stone of an even pale yellowish-green tone with buff-coloured inclusions.

NoteThe present lot is a good example of the Qing dynasty version of an archaic jade cong. The Qing dynasty craftsmen have drawn inspiration from its original archaic jade counterpart dating back to the Neolithic period, Liangzhu culture. The function of a cong is still unknown and a heavily debated topic. At present it is impossible to assess the significance of the cong, as the topic is still being subjected to a large number of interpretations. See published examples of cong illustrated and discussed by J.Rawson, Chinese Jade. From the Neolithic to the Qing, London, 1995, pp.122-129, nos.3:1-3:7.

Bonham's. The Sze Yuan Tang Collection of Chinese Jades, Hong Kong, 5 April 2016