Lot 5123. A celadon jade 'bird' amulet, Neolithic period, Hongshan culture (c. 3800-2700 BC); 4.3 cm, 1 5/8  inEstimate 20,000 — 30,000 HKDSold for 50,000 HKD (5,916 EUR). Courtesy Sotheby's.

depicted with bulging eyes and flanked by a pair of wide angular wings, the body subtly worked with a horizontal groove above three vertical concave bands simulating tail feathers, the reverse pierced with an aperture for suspension, the stone of a warm yellowish-celadon colour.

Note: The form of the current amulet follows those of classic Hongshan jades and the smooth polishing is also consistent with other excavated Hongshan examples. See a slightly larger related example, depicted with wider wings and more rounded edges, also from the Peony Collection, illustrated in Angus Forsyth and Brian McElney, Jades from China, The Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, 1994, cat. no. 14, and recently sold in these rooms, 29th November 2019, lot 724. 

Sotheby's. EYE/EAST, Hong Kong, 22 May 2020