Lot 5087. A jade 'mask' 'fish' pendant, probably Neolithic period, Liangzhu period (3400–2250 BC); 7.6 cm, 3 inEstimate 20,000 — 30,000 HKDSold for 25,000 HKD (2,958 EUR). Courtesy Sotheby's.

worked in the form of a fish with circular eyes and picked out with a meticulously incised curved band dividing the eyes and the body, the exquisite incisions echoed on one side of the fish's body with a stylised monster face accentuated with well-defined eyes enclosing circular pupils and tapering to pointed tips towards the temples, above a horizontal ridge indicating the mouth, pierced with two apertures, the brownish-beige stone with russet and white sections.

Sotheby's. EYE/EAST, Hong Kong, 22 May 2020