Lot 52. 26.01 carats Stunning Large Blue Green Opal, Lighting Ridge, New South Wales, Australia. Estimate US$ 40,000 - 50,000 (€ 35,000 - 44,000). © Bonhams

A large and impressive "nobby" opal (nodule) with a black base color and a vivid broad rolling flash of color electric green mixed with blue and purple and a dash of orange, in a pattern known in the opal hobby as "straw" pattern, with a bar of orange at the side. Weighing approximately 26.01 carats and measuring 30.1 x 18.5 x 7.0mm.

Bonhams. The World of Gold, Opals and Other Phenomenal Gems, Los Angeles, 30 June 2020, 10:00 PDT