Lot 3201. A bronze figure of Budai, Ming dynasty (1368-1644); 14 ½ in. (36.8 cm.) highEstimate $30,000 $ 50,000Price realised $62,500. © Christie's Image Ltd 2015.

The smiling, corpulent figure is seated in rajalalilasana on a double-lotus base holding a sack in his left hand and prayer beads in his right. He is dressed in flowing robes with the left shoulder exposed, and wears an openwork crown.

Provenance: Warren Imports, Laguna Beach, California, 1993.

NoteBhumisparsha mudra (the 'earth witness' gesture) is reserved for images of Buddha Shakyamuni and the Dhyani Buddha, Akshobhya. As Shakyamuni is traditionally depicted as an unadorned ascetic, the presence of the crown on this figure identifies him as Akshobhya. The latter is a concept of Tibetan-style Vajrayana Buddhism, which was introduced to China during the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368).

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