Lot 121. A rare brown teadust and celadon glazed wall vase, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period (1736-1795). Hauteur: 25 cm. (9 7/8 in.). Estimate EUR 10,000 - EUR 15,000. Price realised EUR 30,000. © Christie's Image Ltd 2020.

De forme balustre aplatie et reposant sur un petit pied, il est entièrement recouvert d'une glaçure brune de type 'poudre de thé'. Son pied est rattaché à son socle en porcelaine céladon délicatement conçu pour imiter l'ivoire à décor de volute de ruyi.

Provenance: Previously in the collection of Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild, Palais Abbatial de Royaumont.
Christie's, Paris, 19-21 septembre 2011, lot 497.

NoteImperial wall vases were made for use in the palace and some were intended for use in the imperial sedan chairs. A collection splendid porcelain wall vases can be admired today in Sanxitang (the 'Hall of Three Rarities'), Emperor Qianlong's former studio in the Forbidden City.

Among all the monochrome wall vases, highly appreciated during Emperor Qianlong's reign, teadust examples apprear to be very rare.

The present wall vase belongs to a group of ceramics which were made to simulate other material in a playful attempt at trompe- l'oeil or a 'trick of the eye'. Because of the flexibility and ease of use of ceramic clay and the expansive range of enamel colours available, many porcelain items during the Qianlong period were made to imitate other things.

See a closely related brownish teadust-glazed wall vase, slightly larger in size (27.4 cm. high), with two archaistic handles holding rings, with almost the identical celadon faux-ivory stand, is illustrated in the exhibition catalogue Wall Vase Decorative Art, The Appreciation of Chinese Ancient Wall Vase, Museum of Ningbo, 2014, pl.12. Two other monochrome wall vases, one teadust-glazed with a flower-shaped mouth rim (27.9 cm. high), another one covered with an apple green glaze (26.5 cm. high), both with a meticulously conceived brown-glazed faux-bois stands, are illustrated in the same catalogue, pl. 11 and 13.

Christie'sArt d'Asie, Paris, 23 June 2020