Lot 1118. David Hockney (B. 1937), 30 Sunflowers, signed, titled and dated 1996 on the reverse, oil on canvas, 182.9 by 182.9 cm, 72 by 72 in. Estimate Upon Request. Sold for HK$114.8 million / US$14.8 million. Second highest price for any Western art sold at auction in Asia. Courtesy Sotheby's.

HONG KONG.- Tonight, Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale in Hong Kong achieved HK$595,186,500 / US$76,761,203, led by epic masterpieces by David Hockney and Liu Ye.


Lot 1125. Liu Ye (B. 1964), Leave Me in the Dark, signed in Chinese and Pinyin on the reverse, acrylic on canvas,219.7 by 299.7 cm, 86½ by 118 inEstimate HK$25,000,000 — 35,000,000. Sold for HK$45,348,000Courtesy Sotheby's.

Yuki Terase, Head of Contemporary Art, Asia of Sotheby’s, said: “Tonight’s results were marked by tremendous successes, not least the second highest price for any Western artwork sold at auction in Asia. Every season our aim is to stage ground-breaking auctions that set new benchmarks for the international market. The strong prices we witnessed across the board for prominent Western and Asian artists, with many works surpassing their high estimates, not only demonstrates our extraordinary market leadership in contemporary art in Asia and the quality of our offerings, but also the thriving importance of Hong Kong as an international art hub. As we have seen time and again, keeping our finger on the pulse of the market, and staying one step ahead of what our clients want, is a winning formula.”

Three Artist Auction Records Set


Lot 1103. Firenze Lai (B. 1984), Happily Ever Afteroil on canvas, 100.3 by 80 cm, 39½ by 31½ in. Executed in 2013Estimate HK$600,000 — 1,200,000. Sold for HK$2,625,000 / US$338,546. Auction Record for the ArtistCourtesy Sotheby's.


Lot 1136. Hao Liang (B. 1983), Poison Buddha 2, ink on silk, image: 162.5 by 90.5 cm, 64 by 35⅝ in.; frame: 220.5 by 132 cm., 86¾ by 52 in. Executed in 2010. Estimate HK$6,000,000 — 10,000,000. Sold for HK$16,975,000 / US$2,189,266Auction Record for the ArtistCourtesy Sotheby's.


Lot 1148. MR. (B. 1969), True to Myself, Poyo Mix, Append, acrylic on canvas, in 4 parts, each: 291 by 181.8 cm.   114½  by 71½  in., overall: 291 by 727.2 cm.   114½ by 286¼ in. Executed in 2012Estimate HK$3,200,000 — 4,200,000. Sold for HK$5,215,000 / US$672,579. Auction Record for the ArtistCourtesy Sotheby's.

Top Prices for Any Western Artworks Sold at Auction in Asia – All Sold by Sotheby’s

• KAWS’s THE KAWS ALBUM, sold for $116 million / US$14.8 million (April 2019)

• David Hockney’s 30 Sunflowers, sold for HK$114.8 million / US$14.8 million (July 2020)

• Andy Warhol’s Mao, sold for HK$98.5 million / US$12.6 million (April 2017)