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Lot 125. An underglaze-blue, copper-red and celadon-glazed 'landscape' brushpot, Kangxi mark and period (1662-1722); Diameter 7 in., 17.8 cmEstimate: 80,000 - 120,000 USD. © 2020 Sotheby's

of cylindrical form, the exterior with a continuous landscape painted in underglaze blue and copper red, depicting a thatched-roof lakeside pavilion nestled below pine trees, a fisherman boating off-shore plying the calm water set among celadon-glazed, carved slip-decorated rockwork and rolling hills, the countersunk base partially white-glazed and inscribed with an six-character mark in underglaze blue.

ExhibitedExhibition of Ancient Chinese Ceramics from the Collection of the Kau Chi Society of Chinese Art, Art Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1981, cat. no. 151.

NoteThe potter’s ability to successfully fire underglaze blue, copper red and celadon on this brushpot is an exceptional achievement. The design was carved and incised into the body which served both an aesthetic and technical purpose to prevent the pigments from mixing into each other during firing. Copper red was notoriously difficult to control, thus the addition of celadon glaze adds to the complexity of the firing and the rarity of vessels decorated in this palette.

Related brushpots, also inscribed with Kangxi reign marks and of the period, include one in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, illustrated in Gugong cangci/ Porcelain of the National Palace Museum: Enameled Ware of the Qing Dynasty (Book I), Hong Kong, 1969, pl. 1, where the decoration is referred to as ‘underglaze three-colour’, p. 32; one in the Shanghai Museum, included in Kangxi Porcelain Wares from the Shanghai Museum Collection, Hong Kong, 1998, pl. 87; and two sold in our London rooms, the first, 20th April 1971, lot 64, and the second, 27th July 1971, lot 132.

Sotheby's. Kangxi Porcelain - A Private Collection. Live Auction: 22 September 2020 • 3:00 PM CEST • New York