Sicilian snuff box in shape of a lamb. Silver-gilt and rubies, Messina, circa 1740, 4.8 x 5.8 cm, Weight 94 gr. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.



Teapot, Lambert Englebert (Liege, 1667-1733), Liege, 1703. Silver. H 14.5 cm, Weight 549 gr. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.

This teapot is the oldest known teapot in the Prince-Bishopric of Liege and in the production of the Low Countries.


Private devotional reliquary, Silver and blackened wood, Augsburg, circa 1740, H 20.2 x 12 cm. Unmarked. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.

The reliquary in the form of a wardrobe houses a relic of the true Cross and another of the Virgin's veil. At the bottom, a drawer is decorated with two small removable candlesticks. On the reverse, a compartment with a lock contains documents attesting the authenticity of the relics.


Tea caddy, Leonard (Laurens) de Roos (cited in 1686, died in 1738), Brussels, 1717-1725. Engraved silver. H 13 cm. Weight 230 gr. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.

Literature: E. Roobaert, Lexicon van de Brusselse edelsmeden uit de 17de eeuw, p. 204; W. van Dievoet, Orfèvres de l'Ancien Régime au poinçon de Bruxelles, p. 126, n° 112.


Cameo with personification of the Abundance mounted as a pendant. Agate cameo mounted in a later silver-gilt frame. Cameo: Italy, probably Ferrara, circa 1580 Later silver-gilt frame from Leon, Spain, 18th century, Ø 11.8 cm. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.

Provenance: collection Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

Literature: Le gemme dei Medici al museo degli argenti: Cammei e intagli nelle collezioni di palazzo Pitti, Florence 2007, p. 178, n° 6 and p. 299, n° 337; for other examples of the pendant, see the collection of the Museo Alhajas, La Bañeza (Leon, Spain).


Covered écuelle, Gérard De Bèche (actif 1698-1721), Liege, 1702. Silver. L 27.2 cm. Weight 738 gr. Coat of arms of François Guillaume Baron de Warnant (1670-1711), canon of the Noble Chapter of Saint Lambert in Liege. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.


Chocolate pot, Philippe van den Hende (1701-1759), Oudenaarde, 1765. Silver and blackened wood. H 29.5 cm. Weight 1225 gr. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.

Literature: Oudenaards zilver, 1994, p. 96, n° 48.


A lady’s tankard, Goldsmith’s mark with an H, Ravensburg, late 16th century. Partially gilt silver. H 10 cm. Weight 256 gr. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.




Holy-water font, Jean Pierre Verschuylen (Antwerp, 1801-1865), Silver-gilt, Antwerp, 1830, 25.5 x 25 cm, Weight 1357 gr. D'ARSCHOT & CIE at BRAFA 2021.

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