Lot 593. A fine and rare purple-glazed porcelain box and cover, seal mark Wang Bingrong zuo, 19th century; H. 31,2 cm. Estimate: € 5,000 -8,000. Result: € 4,500. Courtesy Nagel.

ProvenanceFormer old European private collection, assembled prior 1990 - Private property Frankfurt.

NoteAccording to T. Miller and H. Hui in Elegance in Relief: Carved Porcelain from Jingdezhen of the 19th to Early 20th Centuries, Hong Kong, 2006, Wang Bingrong was "the most commercially successful of the Daoguang period porcelain carvers and was probably still active through at least one of the two subsequent reigns" and that his "enduring popularity owes much to the bold simplicity with which he executed classical motifs 

Fine Asian Art, Stuttgart - Part I by Nagel AuctionDecember 8, 2020