Lot 717. A rare blue and white and copper-red 'sanduo' stem bowl, Yongzheng six-character mark in underglaze blue in a line and of the period (1723-1735); 6 7/16 in. (16.4 cm.) diamEstimate USD 60,000 - USD 80,000. © Christie's 2021

The bowl is raised on a flaring, hollow stem, and is decorated on three sides with three auspicious fruits - a peach, a pomegranate and a persimmon - each fruit painted in deep copper-red and borne on leafy branches painted in underglaze blue.

NoteThe elegant design combines the Three Auspicious Fruits: the peach (symbolizing longevity), the pomegranate (symbolizing fertility) and the persimmon (symbolizing joy). This design is found on a similar Yongzheng-marked stem bowl in the Palace Museum Collection, Beijing, illustrated in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum - 36 - Blue and White Porcelain with Underglazed Red (III), Hong Kong, p. 223, no. 204. Another stem bowl with this design is illustrated by Yang Boda, The Tsui Museum of Art. Chinese Ceramics IV; Qing Dynasty, Hong Kong, 1995, no. 64.

Christie's. Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, 18 march 2021