05 mai 2021

A rare carved cinnabar lacquer 'phoenix' dish, Song dynasty (960-1279)

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Lot 38. A rare carved cinnabar lacquer 'phoenix' dish, Song dynasty (960-1279); 25.8 cmEstimate: 1,200,000 - 1,500,000 HKD. Lot sold: 3,024,000 HKD. Courtesy Sotheby's.

finely carved through the cinnabar lacquer with a pair of phoenix striding through a continuous leafy scroll of peony, all within a hexafoil bloom, the underside similarly decorated with a peony scroll, the base lacquered black, Japanese wood box.

Note: The present lacquer dish is unusual for its decoration, which appears to have been inspired by gold and silver wares. Compare a pair of silver cup stands, attributed to the Song dynasty, decorated with a flower scroll on a punched ground, in the Pierre Uldry collection, illustrated in Chinesisches Gold und Silber, Zurich, 1994, pl. 270; and a gold saucer with peonies against a punched ground, originally attributed to the Song dynasty but later re-dated to the Yuan, published in Chinese Gold and Silver in the Carl Kempe Collection, Ostasiatiska Museum, Ulricehamn, 1999, pl. 51, sold at Christie New York, 12th September 2019, lot 572.


 A rare and finely decorated gold 'peony' dish, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368); 6 1/8 in. (15.6 cm.) diam.; weight 121.1 g. Sold for USD 591,000 at Christie New York, 12th September 2019, lot 572. © Christie's Image Ltd 2019

Cf. my post: Yuan Dynasty Masterpieces of Early Chinese Gold and Silver from Dr. Johan Carl Kempe at Christie's NY 12 September 2019

Compare also three lacquer dishes carved with related designs of flower blooms with combed details on a diaper ground, included in the exhibition The Colors and Forms of Song and Yuan China. Featuring Lacquerwares, Ceramics, and Metalwares, Nezu Institute of Fine Arts, Tokyo, 2004, cat. nos 110-112; two other examples published in Dragon and Phoenix. Chinese Lacquer Ware, The Lee Family Collection, The Museum of East Asian Art, Cologne, 1990, cat. nos 29-30, later sold at Christie's Hong Kong, 1st December 2009, lots 1805-1806, the cup stand sold again in these rooms, 24th/25th November 2014, lot 1074.



From The Lee Family Collection. A rare carved cinnabar lacquer cup-stand, Song dynasty (960-1279); 17.3 cm., 6 3/4  inEstimate 1,000,000 — 1,200,000 HKD. Lot sold 2,320,000 HKD at Sotheby's HongKong, 24th/25th November 2014, lot 1074. Courtesy Sotheby's.

Sotheby'sMonochrome III, Hong Kong, 22 April 2021 

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