Lot 486. A silver stem cup, Tang Dynasty (618-907); 7.8cm (2 7/8in) highEst: £2,000 - £3,000. Sold for £ 5,355 (€ 6,239). © Bonhams

Of circular form with deep walls, rising from a spreading stem foot to a flared rim, the body decorated with a single raised band below the rim, the surface with some malachite encrustation.

Published, Illustrated and Exhibited: Roger Keverne Ltd., Summer Exhibition, London, 2009, no.6.

Note: Undecorated silver stem cups are comparatively rare, although the plain surfaces are particularly effective in emphasising the exquisite Tang shapes with their harmonious profiles and sharp edges. A copper alloy stem cup of the same shape in the Kuboso Memorial Museum of Art, Izumi, is published in Sekai bijutsu tai zenshu, vol.4, Tokyo, 1997, pl.161.

Compare also with an undecorated Tang silver cup with a ring handle, with a similar plain raised rib below the rim, excavated at Shapo, Xi'an and now in the Shaanxi History Museum, included in the exhibition The Glory of the Silk Road. Art from Ancient China, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio, 2003, no.106; and another cup of very similar form as the present lot, decorated with hunting scenes, from the same site but now in the National Museum of China, Beijing, ibid., no.105.

A similar undecorated silver stem cup, Tang dynasty, 7th-8th century, formerly in the Carl Kempe collection, was sold at Sotheby's London, 14 May 2008, lot 58.

Bonhams. Roger Keverne Ltd Moving On (Part II), London, New Bond Street, 7 Jun 2021