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Lot 49. A rare pale gray and russet jade bracelet, Western Zhou dynasty. Diameter 2¾ in., 7 cm. Estimate: 20,000 - 30,000 USDLot sold: 75,600 USD. © Sotheby's 2021

of cylindrical form with one end straight cut and the other end delicately polished to a concave bevel along the interior rim, the exterior sides finely incised with a continuous wavy band edged in fine double lines and with an additional double line coursing along the center, a double-lined oval carved in the negative space within each U-shaped undulation of the band, the stone a pale gray tone with extensive areas of variegated russet.

Property from the Junkunc Collection

Provenance: Collection of Stephen Junkunc, III (d. 1978).

NoteAlthough the patterns found on the present jade are not uncommon in the Western Zhou dynasty, it is extremely rare to find them on bracelets. The overall form is reminiscent of Neolithic jade bracelets, especially those from the Liangzhu Culture. Compare two Liangzhu examples in the collection of National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (acc. nos F1917.385 and F1919.46), published in Elizabeth Childs-Johnson and Gu Fang, The Jade Age: Early Chinese Jades in American Museums / Yu qi shi dai : Meiguo bo wu guan cang Zhongguo zao ji yu qi, Beijing, 2009, pp 54-55, pls 3-12 and 3-13. For a Western Zhou wide jade bracelet also carved with motifs in fine double lines, see one offered in our Hong Kong rooms, 9th October 2020, lot 89. 

Sotheby's. Important Chinese Art, New York, 21 September 2021