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Lot 381. A jade 'bird' pendant, Late Shang-early Zhou dynasty; Height 6.6 cm, 2½ in. Lot sold: 5,040 GBP (Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000 GBP). (C) 2021 Sotheby's

the flat stone worked in the form of a bird in profile, detailed with incised feathers, pierced at the head with an aperture for suspension, the heavily calcified stone a creamy-green colour.

Provenance: Collection Armand Trampitsch (1890-1975).
Ader Picard Tajan auction in Tokyo, Hôtel Okura, 30th May 1985, Lot 38.

Literature: Filippo Salviati, Radiant Stones, Archaic Chinese jades, 2000, Hongkong, no.66.

Sotheby's. Two Americans in Paris, The Collection of Sam and Myrna Myers, London, 4 November 2021