A Northern white ware pentafoil bowl, Northern Song dynasty (AD 960-1127)




Lot 1029. A Northern white ware pentafoil bowl, Northern Song dynasty (AD 960-1127); 6 in. (15.3 cm.) diam., cloth boxEstimate USD 10,000 – USD 15,000. Unsold. © Christie's 2022

The shallow bowl is potted with petal-lobed rim cut with five notches, and covered overall with a pale creamy-white glaze stopping above the foot on the exterior revealing the light buff body.

Provenance: The J. M. Hu (1911-1995), Zande Lou Collection.

Literature: Helen D. Ling and Edward T. Chow, Collection of Chinese Ceramics from the Pavilion of Ephemeral Attainment, vol. I, Hong Kong, 1950, no. 7.

Christie's. Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, New York, 25 march 2022