Lot 2044. A superb 14.35 carat Colombian emerald and diamond ring, no oil. Estimate upon request. © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022

Set with a rectangular-shaped emerald weighing 14.35 carats, flanked on each side by trapezoid-shaped diamonds, mounted in platinum and 18K gold, ring size 5 3/4.

SSEF, 2016, report no. 87568, 14.350 carat, Colombia, no indications of clarity enhancement Gübelin, 2016, report no. 16097232, 14.35 carat, Colombia, no indications of clarity enhancement.

SSEF, 2015, report no. 80725, 14.350 carat, Colombia, no indications of clarity enhancement.

Gübelin, 2015, report no. 15067014, 14.35 carat, Colombia, no indications of clarity enhancement.

Please note that the reports are more than 5 years old and might require an update.

NoteThe characteristic green hue of emerald has been a fascination for mankind over six thousand years. It is always associated with the lushest landscapes and the richest greens. Colombia is the most famous and high-quality emerald producing area in the world. It is famous for its purity of color and texture. Only top-quality emeralds with excellent color, crystal and clarity that originated from Colombia can be called Old Mine Type Emerald. This lot is definitely an outstanding example of this kind. It displays is a characteristic rarely seen in emeralds, which has been completely spared from any clarity treatment. Weighing more than 14 carats, What’s more, it does not have any internal fractures to benefit from oil or resin fillings. In addition, it has an exceptional vivid green color, highly transparent and strongly saturated, bringing a sense of clarity and rejuvenation. The existence of such a rare treasure is in effect extraordinary, making it a true connoisseur’s gem.

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Lot 2045. The Fleur de Lotus Ring. rare and exceptional 8.388 carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring, by CartierEstimate upon request. © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022

Centering a cushion-shaped ruby weighing 8.388 carats, accented with 2 triangular-shaped diamonds of 1.07 carats, further paved with 12 baguette-cut diamonds of 0.79 carat and 156 circular-cut diamonds of 1.84 carats in total, the curves forming a delicate lotus flower harmoniously marry the ruby's cushion shape, mounted in platinum, Signed Cartier.

SSEF, 2013, report no. 68583, 8.388 carats, Burma (Myanmar), no indications of heating, Appendix Letter titled Exceptional Ruby. 
Gübelin, 2020, report no. 20081117, 8.38 carats, Burma (Myanmar), no indications of heating, information sheet titled Unheated Ruby and Rubies from Mogok, Burma.
Gübelin, 2021, report no. 21051063, 8.38 carats, Burma (Myanmar), no indications of heating, information sheet titled Unheated Ruby and Rubies from Mogok, Burma, also accompanied by a Gemmological profile GRS, 2020, report no. GRS2020-088480, 8.38 carat, Burma (Mogok, Myanmar), no indications of thermal treatment, also accompanied by an appendix to Platinum Award no. 2763 titled “ One ring with a magnificent 8.38 ct Burmese Ruby"0
Also accompanied by Cartier certificate

Note: Cartier's Haute Joaillerie collection has always been amongst the most sought-after jewelry for high-net-worth collectors and stars at auctions, as each piece is unique and extremely hard to come by. This ruby ring, brought to us by an important collector, is one of the most exclusive pieces of jewelry from Cartier. Since the selection of the stones, to the design and craftsmanship, each step has been done exquisitely , making the ring irreplicable. Named as "The fleur de Lotus Ring'' by Cartier, this 8.388-carat Burmese ruby ring has been established with a Cartier Letter, and certified by three of the world's most prestigious gemological institutes: Gubelin, SSEF and GRS. Its stunning quality has won it a GRS Platinum Award book; Gubelin also published an additional letter and a Gemological Profile for it.

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Lot 2081. An extraordinary jadeite bead and diamond necklace. Estimate upon requestSold for HKD 50,400,000. © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022

Composed of 43 jadeite beads of evenly intense green colour with high translucency, jadeite bead diameter measuring approximately 13.59 to 11.42 mm, to a pear and circular-cut diamonds clasp, mounted in 18K gold, length approximately 53cm.

HK Jade & Stone Lab, 2022, report no. KJ104081(1-3), natural Fei Cui-Type A

Note: Jade is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, symbolizing virtue, preciousness and beauty. It is still one of the most loved and respected gemstones for Chinese people today. High quality jadeite with dense crystalline particles is extremely rare, which makes high-quality jadeite gradually surpass other gemstones and become one of the most expensive categories of jewelry. Its superb craftsmanship and profound cultural connotations have fascinated collectors all the time. This jadeite bead necklace is amongst one of the most desirable jadeite jewelries. This magnificent jadeite bead necklace is composed of forty three natural graduated translucent jadeite beads, possessing a richly saturated and evenly distributed green coloration, combined with the high translucency as well as their very fine texture. The diameter of these jadeite beads ranging from 13.60-11.50 mm, each of extremely rare and equal size, rich and fabulous tone. Such combination of characteristics makes this jadeite necklace a magnificent piece of matching beauty and importance. Embellished with this jadeite necklace of saturated bright emerald green, an elegant and noble temperament of its wearer is exuded out, dazzling and engaging.

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Lot 2089. An important and rare ‘imperial green’ jadeite ‘leaf’ and diamond pendant necklaceEstimate upon request. Unsold. © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022

The jadeite of imperial green color, carved as a leaf, surmounted by a oval-shaped diamond weighing approximately 1.03 carat and length adjustable black cord, back set with circular-cut diamonds and engraved with two ruby-set butterflies, mounted in 18K gold, jadeite leaf approximately 59.10 x 33.40 x 9.56mm.

HK Jade & Stone Lab, 2022, report no.KJ 104077, natural Fei Cui-Type A Also accompanied by Gubelin certificate.

NoteChinese people regard jade as ‘’the stone from heaven’’, the jadeite culture is broad and profound, which composed the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Jadeite Leaf is one of the most classic kinds of jadeite pendant. The pronunciations of “leaf ’’ and ‘’business‘’ are the same in Chinese, thus it conveys the message of blessings from the elderly to their children and grandchildren for prosperity, booming business and a fulfilled life. The rich green leaves are associated with luxuriant foliage, which also symbolizes a joyful big family. “Imperial Green” is considered as the rarest and highest quality of all types of jadeites, as it represents the most beautiful color and translucency that jadeite could ever exhibit. This Jadeite Leaf Pendant belongs to the very few jadeite plaque pendants that is classified as “Imperial Green” by Gübelin. It is of rich green and high translucency, with beautiful curves on the surface, measuring approximately 59.1 x 33.4 x 9.56 mm. It has been carefully designed by traditional craftsmen according to the shape of the original stone and is meticulously carved with prestige craftsmanship.

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Lot 2090. An exceptional jadeite bangleEstimate upon requestUnsold. © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022

The cylindrical jadeite bangle of excellent translucency, with intense green color, measuring approximately 72.16 x 52 x 11.31mm.

HK Jade & Stone Lab, 2022, report no. KJ104125, natural Fei Cui-Type A.

NoteChina has been a country extremely fond of jadeite, and the use of the stone has began early on in its history. We can see from many historical paintings Empress Dowager Cixi with her arms wearing jadeite bangles, painted green in the artworks. From this, we can say that green is the most popular color of jadeite jewelry. However, because jadeite is a treasure of nature, it is incredibly difficult to find a large piece of it that is all green. A fully green jadeite bangle is the rarest of all jadeite pieces, as the need for a large piece of jadeite to be green and flawless is nearly impossible. On top of that, to carve out a bangle requires one to abandon much of the material that is of top quality. Therefore, compared to jadeite cabochons or jadeite bead necklaces, jadeite bangles are the rarest of them all. This lot presented here is an exceptional green jadeite color of great translucency. As mentioned earlier, jadeite bangles are rare to come by, and this one in particular is even harder because of its cylindrical round shape. It requires more material to be wasted when carving it out. This lot presented here is a jadeite bangle of great shape, color, and translucency; an extremely elegant and noble piece that is sought after by many collectors.

Poly Auction. Magnificent Jewels, Hong Kong, 13 July 2022