Lot 3558. A Rare Ruby-Red Glazed Chrysanthemum Dish, Mark and Period of Qianlong (1736-1795). D 17.9cm. Sold for HKD 1,380,000 (Estimate HKD 1,000,000 - 1,800,000). © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022

Provenance1. Sotheby's, Hong Kong, 20 May 1986, no. 90
2. Meiyintang Collection, Switzerland.

ExhibitedThe Essence of Ming and Qing Monochrome Glaze Porcelain Exhibition, Poly Art Museum, Beijing, 2018.

Published: 1. Kang Ruijun, The Meiyintang Collection of Chinese Ceramics, vol. 4 (2), London, 1994-2010, p. 196, no. 847
2. The Great Simplicity and Simplicity - The Essence of Ming and Qing Monochrome Glaze Porcelain Exhibition, Poly Art Museum, Beijing, 2018, p. 245, no. 916.

Note: This rouge-glazed chrysanthemum-petal dish has an open mouth and chrysanthemum-petal shaped walls with a shallow curved footrim. The base of the vessel is also covered with a carmine glaze. The petals are evenly distributed in size, and the body is fine and dense, thin and translucent to the light. The dish is of the form of an autumnal chrysanthemum, and its uniform, lustrous glaze highlights the freshness and artistic charm of this vessel. The base is inscribed in white glaze, with an exposed white glazed ground within a double circle of blue and blue, inscribed in regular script, 'Made during the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty'.

The carmine violet glaze is a famous variety of Ming and Qing dynasty glaze, created in the late Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty and flourishing during the Yongzheng and Qianlong periods, using gold as the colouring agent and giving the glaze a carmine red colour, hence the name 'carmine red glaze', also known as 'gold red'. Chen Bang's 'Tao Ya' comments that 'rouge-red is also the anonymous of the luxurious. ...... is even and bright, almost incomparable. The amethyst is less vivid than its beauty, and the rose is less delicate than its beauty'. It is described as a 'Western red vessel' in the 'Tao Cheng Ji Ji Shi', written by Tang Ying, a pottery inspector, in 1735. The Yongzheng chrysanthemum-petal dish in all colours of glaze is one of the few surviving pieces in both public and private collections. A set of twelve Yongzheng chrysanthemum-petal dishes in the National Palace Museum, one of which can be seen with a carmine violet glaze.

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Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited. A Romance Among Blooming Roses: The Meiyintang Collection of Three Dynasties Imperial Ceramics, Hong Kong, 2 Dec 2021