A rare and large 'Xing' conical bowl, Tang dynasty-Five Dynasties


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Lot 225. A rare and large 'Xing' conical bowl, Tang dynasty-Five Dynasties (618-960). Diameter 8½ in., 21.7 cm. Unsold (Estimate: 40,000 - 60,000 USD)© Sotheby's 2022

Property of a West Coast Private Collector.

Provenance: Collection of Gustaf Lindberg (1887-1961).
Sotheby's London, 12th December 1978, lot 115.
Michael Weisbrod Chinese Art, New York.

Literature: Gustaf Lindberg, 'Porcellanous Ware - Porcelain: Remarks Concerning Some Early Ceramic Wares of China', Ethnos, 1947, fig. 1 (center).
Gustaf Lindberg, 'Hsing Yao: Attempt at an Interpretation of the T'ang Hsing Chou Ware', Oriental Art, Spring 1950, figs 1 (center) and 4 (top).
Gustaf Lindberg, 'Hsing-Yao and Ting-Yao: An Investigation and Description of some Chinese T'ang and Sung White Porcelain in the Carl Kempe and Gustaf Lindberg Collections', Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, vol. 25, 1952, pls 7-8.

Note: The Xing kilns in Lincheng and Neiqiu counties of Hebei province were probably the most successful producers of white wares in terms of the material used, potting, glazing and firing of pieces during the Tang dynasty. Xing wares were likened to silver by the contemporary elite. According to Regina Krahl, the quality of wares produced at the Xing kilns increased substantially from the mid-Tang period onward, with the body becoming more porcellaneous and the glaze achieving a very smooth quality with a distinct blue tinge. See Regina Krahl, 'Bright as Silver, White as Snow - White Wares of North and South China', in Bright as Silver. White as Snow. Chinese White Ceramics from Late Tang to Yuan Dynasty, Hong Kong, 1998, pp 15-24. The current bowl is of unusually large size, with a thick attractive creamy-white glaze, and preserved in very good condition.

Gustaf Lindberg (1887-1961) was a peer of fellow early Chinese ceramic connoisseurs King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden and Carl Kempe.

Sotheby's. Important Chinese Art, New York, 21 september 2022