Lot 91. A pale green jade cup, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); 10.2cm (4in) wideEstimate 2 000 € - 3 000 €. Sold for €20,400. Photo Fabrice Gousset.

The vessel with a loop handle and thumb-rest to one side carved with foliate scrolls, the body with an upper register of archaistic dragons and lower register of taotie masks, set on a short foot

Provenance: Robert Rousset, Paris (1901-1981)
Jean-Pierre Rousset, Paris (1936-2021).

Note: The present dish is a particularly fine example of its type with its beautiful jade-like glaze and precise fluted cavetto and barbed-rim. See a related Longquan celadon-glazed barbed rim dish, 14th century, illustrated by R.Krahl and J.Ayers, Chinese Ceramics in the Topkapi Saray Museum Istanbul, vol.I, London, 1986, no.167. The numerous examples of Longquan celadon-glazed dishes in Istanbul and also those from the Ardebil shrine in Iran, and now in the Archaeological Museum, Tehran, demonstrates their popularity in the Middle East due to their glaze, robustness and suitability for communal fe

Bonhams Cornette de Saint Cyr Paris. The Robert and Jean-Pierre Rousset Collection of Asian Art: A Century of Collecting - Part 1. Paris, 25 october 2022.