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Lot 46. A sandstone figure of Surya, Cambodia, Kulen style, 9th century; 72cm (28 5/16in) x 70cm (27 9/16in). Sold for €75,975 (Estimate € 20,000-30,000). Photo Fabrice Gousset.

Wearing a high cylindrical mitre backed by a small circular nimbus and both hands present lotus buds. Three incised waved lines are employed to emphasise the chest and the sampot, defined by a thick band around the waist to the knees, and a central fold dividing the legs, the entire length of fabric drawn up between the legs and finished neatly at the back, stand.

ProvenancePierre Gaillard, Paris
Robert Rousset, Paris (1901-1981), acquired from the above on 22 October 1959
Jean-Pierre Rousset, Paris (1936-2021).

Noten pre-Angkorian statuary, an example of Surya held in the Phnom Bathê (Saigon Museum), (SPA, pl.XII A, ADM I pl.LXXXVIII), is attributed to the seventh century for stylistic reasons, is also holding the two lotus buttons, capped with a polygonal mitre with a nimbus. The identification of the other Suryas, all of whom come from the Delta region, does not rest on more or less obvious comparisons with this first image, however the specific peculiarities of the garment and mitre associated with a circular nimbus. For the Surya of Phnom Bathê, see V.Goloubew, Images of Surya in Cambodia, EFEO, no.22, 1940, p.38, S99.

Dans la statuaire préangkorienne, un exemple de Surya conservé au Phnom Bathê (Musée de Saigon), (SPA, pl.XII A, ADM I pl.LXXXVIII), est attribué au VIIe siècle pour des raisons stylistiques, tient également les deux boutons de lotus, coiffé d'une mitre polygonale à nimbe. L'identification des autres Surya, tous originaires de la région du Delta, ne repose pas seulement sur des comparaisons plus ou moins évidentes avec cette première image, mais sur les particularités spécifiques du vêtement et de la mitre associés à un nimbe circulaire. Pour le Surya de Phnom Bathê, voir V.Goloubew, Images de Surya au Cambodge, EFEO, n°22 (1940), p.38, S99.

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