A large russet-painted black-glazed jar, guan, Jin dynasty (1115-1234)



Lot 846. A large russet-painted black-glazed jar, guan, Jin dynasty (1115-1234); 9 in. (23 cm.) high, cloth boxEstimate USD 20,000 – USD 30,000Price Realised USD 21, 480. © Christie's 2023

The high-shouldered jar with lipped mouth is covered with a blackish-brown glaze and painted on the sides in russet slip with three flying bird motifs.

ProvenancePriestley & Ferraro, London, 2014.
J. J. Lally & Co., New York, no. 4835.

Note: Typically dark-glazed, Jin-dynasty jars of this type are often painted in russet or rust-brown slip with abstract floral decoration or designs suggestive of birds in flight, such as those seen on the present example, characteristically rendered with vigorous, calligraphic strokes. Compare a jar of similar design and form illustrated by J. Ayers in Far Eastern Ceramics in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1980, col. pl. 26. Another jar of this design in the Meiyintang Collection is illustrated by R. Krahl in Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, vol. 3 (II), London, 2006, p. 514, no. 1517.

Christie's. J. J. Lally& Co., New York, 23.03.2023