A green glazed stoneware model of a granary, Sui dynasty (589-618)


Lot 2. A green glazed stoneware model of a granary, Sui dynasty (589-618); 9 1/2in (24cm) high. Sold for US$4,462.50 (Estimate US$400 - 600)© Bonhams 2001-2023

Of elongated ovoid form supported by a platform base with perforated sides and a thick ring foot, incised low on one side an outline of a small door, the vessel covered with a finely crackled translucent olive-green glaze pooling to a darker tone in the recessed areas, the underside unglazed showing pale buff stoneware body.

NoteCompare the very similar green glazed model of a granary discovered at the tomb of Zhang Shen and his wife, buried on the 15th year of Kaihuang, Sui dynasty, corresponding to A.D. 595, illustrated in Kaogu, 1959, No. 10, pl. 12-3, with a short description on p. 544, suggesting that it may have been produced in Ci county near Anyang at the Jiabi kilns which were famous for this type of ware. The same model of a granary is illustrated again in The Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Study Association of Tokiwayama Bunko Foundation, Vol. 3, Northern Qi Ceramics, Tokyo, 2010, p. 94, no. 86h.

Another vessel of this type from a Sui dynasty tomb also discovered at Anyang, Henan province, is illustrated in Kaogu, 1992, No. 1, pl. 4, no. 6, with description on p. 39 and a line drawing on p. 43, pl. 9-5.

Bonhams. J. J. Lally & Co. Fine Chinese Works of Art, New York, March 20, 2023