Lot 459. An important and extremely rare imperial yellow hanging with five dragons, 18th-19th century; 469 cm x 475 cm. Sold: €50 000 (Estimate €30 000 - €50 000)Photo Nagel Auction.

In the center a frontal dragon chasing a flaming pearl, flanked by two more dragons, each with a pearl. The clouds are spherical and connected. Scattered Shou characters, red bats and the Buddhist treasures. The pattern extends over the frame in dark blue.

Provenance: Old European private collection, assembled before 1980.

NoteSuch hangings were used to separate areas in the imperial palace, but also to cover walls. Imperial yellow hangings are intended for the emperor and only a few people in his immediate family circle. The Shou characters may indicate that this hanging was used as a backdrop for a throne at a birthday celebration.

Reference: Cf. Smithonian, National Museum of Asian Art, inv. no. S1991.142.

Fine Asian Art - Day I by Nagel Auction, June 12, 2023 • Stuttgart, Germany