Lot 290. A fine part-gilt bronze figure of Bhaisajyaguru, late Ming dynasty. H. 32,5 cm. Sold: €10 000 (Estimate €10 000- €15 000). Photo Nagel Auction.

The Part-gilt bronze figure of the Medicine Buddha is seated in the meditation pose holds a myrobalan fruit or healing aruna fruit in his right hand. This fruit is native to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and southwestern China, and is referred to as a “medicine pill” in oral tradition. Other representations of the Medicine Buddha sometimes show the deity with a medicine pot or bowl in his left hand. Bhaisajyaguru or Medicine Buddha, who is associated with healing and medicine. In the 7th century, the Chinese monk Yijing (635-713), traveled to India and translated into Chinese the Sanskrit scripture Bhaisajyaguru Sutra-a major textual source for understanding the Medicine Buddha. Since that time, worship of Medicine Buddha has expanded enormously in China. Minor wear, very minor rest., fruit chipped.

ProvenanceFrom the estate of Max Freiherr von Stoltzenberg, commander of the Prov. Col.2 East Asian Expeditionary Corps, collected in China before 1905.

Fine Asian Art - Day I by Nagel Auction, June 12, 2023 • Stuttgart, Germany