23 janvier 2018

Axel Vervoordt at BRAFA, 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018, Stand 73b

Unknown pharaonic bust, possibly of Hatshepsut, Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, circa 1479 - 1458 BC. Aswan pink granite. H 27 x W 36,5 cm. © Axel Vervoord Provenance: private collection, Switzerland; acquired on the Paris art market, 1960s Exhibition: Middle Gate Geel '13, curated by Jan Hoet, September 28th - December 22d, 2013. Unknown, Tragic theatre mask of a young woman, Western Europe, Roman Empire, early 1st century AD. Marble with calcification. H 31 cm. © Axel... [Lire la suite]

21 janvier 2018

J. Bagot Arqueología Ancient Art Gallery at BRAFA, 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018, Stand 53a

Attributed to the Wedding Painter, active in Athens from circa 480 to 460 BC, Greek erotic kylix. Pottery. Greece, Attic, 5th century BC. Ø 29.5 cm. © J. Bagot Arqueología Ancient Art Gallery Provenance: private collection, Barcelona; previously in a private collection in Munich from 1946; in the private collection of Mr. Julius Arndt (1865–1937), German archaeologist in classical antiquity  Literature: H. Licht (real name: Paul Brandt), ‘Sittengeschichte Griechenlands’, vol. III, Dresden and... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2018

ArtAncient at BRAFA, 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018, Stand 86d

Corinthian helmet. Bronze. Greece, Archaic period, 650 BC. H 36.8 cm. © ArtAncient Corinthian helmets are the most striking and immediately recognisable of all ancient Greek helmets; emblematic of ancient Greece and its soldier-citizen, the Hoplite. Provenance: Heiner collection, Bonn, Germany, prior to 1991; Antiken-Kabinett, Frankfurt (List-n° 0456) by 1991.   Gold stater with the portrait of Alexander, Macedonia, minted under King Lysimachos, circa 297-281 BC, Ø 1.86... [Lire la suite]
15 janvier 2018

'Paint the Eyes Softer' explores the art and science of Roman-Egyptian mummies

Mummy portrait (of a woman), wood, 31.7x23 cm., from Tebtunis, Fayum. Courtesy of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology and the Regents of the University of California. (6-21376) EVANSTON, ILL.- The Block Museum of Art and the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University delve into the art and science of ancient artifacts in the upcoming exhibition “Paint the Eyes Softer: Mummy Portraits from Roman Egypt,” on view through through April 22. “Paint the Eyes Softer” ​brings to Northwestern a... [Lire la suite]
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30 décembre 2017

'Agon! Competition in Ancient Greece' on view at CaixaForum Barcelona

Niké-winged with wind-blown clothes, c. 100 BC., Halicarnassus. Marble Statue. © The Trustees of the British Museum BARCELONA.- This exhibition, jointly organised by ”la Caixa” Foundation and the British Museum within the terms established in the strategic agreement established by the two institutions, offers a unique opportunity to discover an extraordinary collection of works related to games, sports and competition in Ancient Greece. The objects on show range from marbles and dice used by children 2,200 years ago... [Lire la suite]
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18 novembre 2017

Treasures of Early Christian art on view at the Toledo Museum of Art

TOLEDO, OH.- This fall the Toledo Museum of Art unveils a focused and captivating exhibition of early Christian art. Blending exquisite beauty with historical significance, Glorious Splendor: Treasures of Early Christian Art features approximately 30 masterpieces of Late Roman art from private collections and TMA holdings, most of which have never been exhibited before in a museum. “Glorious Splendor will showcase a dazzling array of Late Roman masterpieces and marks the first time that a special exhibition of... [Lire la suite]

13 novembre 2017

Sotheby's announces highlights from the November Sale of Ancient Sculpture and Works of Art

Lot 72. A Marble Sigma-shaped Table with Relief Border depicting Birth of Aphrodite & Marine Thiasos, Eastern Mediterranean, late Romanearly Byzantine, Theodosian Period, circa 390-430 A.D. 126 by 122.5 cm. Estimate £400-600,000. Courtesy Sotheby’s. LONDON.- Covering an unprecedented spectrum of objects from Classical Greece and Rome to Ancient Egypt and the Near East, Sotheby’s November sale of Ancient Sculpture and Works of Art brings to life past civilisations. With estimates ranging from £800 to... [Lire la suite]
10 novembre 2017

L'oiseau Bâ (L'âme du défunt), Égypte, dernière dysnastie indigène-début de l'époque Ptolémaïque, (IVeme siècle avant J.C.)

Lot 135. L'oiseau Bâ (L'âme du défunt) en or, traces de pâte de verre de couleur, Égypte, dernière dysnastie indigène-début de l'époque Ptolémaïque, (IVeme siècle avant J.C.). Estimation : 18 000 € / 25 000 €. Photo courtesy Audap & Mirabaud Larg. : 9 cm ; Long. : 5,3 cm ; Poids brut : 16 g. (Accidents, manques et restaurations.)  " J'ai eu connaissance de l'existence de ce bijou dans les années 1960 auprès de Mademoiselle Denise André, alors responsable de l'atelier André au 15 rue Dufrénoy... [Lire la suite]
08 novembre 2017

The Crown of Kerch and Other Treasures at Neues Museum

The "Crown of Kerch", tiara set with red garnet inserts, late 4th / 1st half of the 5th century AD, © Roman-Germanic Museum / Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln, photo: Anja Wegner. BERLIN - The exhibition titled “The Crown of Kerch. Treasures from the Dawn of European History” is currently on view at Neues Museum, Berlin. The show features gold jewelry dating back to the migration period found near the Black Sea. The exhibition comprises of silver brooches, ornaments crafted in the shape of animals and mythical creatures, and... [Lire la suite]
05 novembre 2017

The largest collection of Viking artifacts on display in North America comes to the Royal Ontario Museum

TORONTO.- VIKINGS: The Exhibition opened at the Royal Ontario Museum on Saturday, November 4. 2017. Presented by investment dealer Raymond James Ltd., in partnership with the Swedish History Museum, the exhibition offers visitors a fresh perspective on an ancient culture that challenges some of the commonly held myths and perceptions about the lives of the Norse people and this period of European history. “The Vikings have had a profound impact on the modern imagination,” says Josh Basseches, Director & CEO... [Lire la suite]