20 septembre 2017

Pichet ou cruche, Saintonge, XIVe siècle

Lot 5. Pichet ou cruche, poterie à glacure plombifère transparente à décor de bandeaux vert foncé appliqués sur un fond vert pale, Saintonge, XIVe siècle. Estimation : 500/600 €. © Prunier OVV H : 22,2 cm. Bel état de conservation. SVV JEAN EMMANUEL PRUNIER. Splendeurs de la Haute Époque, Dimanche 24 septembre à 14h30 à Louviers 
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20 septembre 2017

Petit pichet, Paris, milieu du XIVe siècle

Lot 4. Petit pichet poterie à glacure plombifère transparente décorée de bandeaux verticaux appliqués sur la panse, Paris, milieu du XIVe siècle. Estimation : 800/900 €. © Prunier OVV H : 17,5 cm. Bel état de conservation. SVV JEAN EMMANUEL PRUNIER. Splendeurs de la Haute Époque, Dimanche 24 septembre à 14h30 à Louviers 
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14 juillet 2017

Large round Pietà by Johan Maelwael leaving Paris for the first time in 55 years

La Grande Pietà ronde, attributed to Johan Maelwael (Jean Malouel). (Nijmegen, c. 1370 - Dijon, 1415), c. 1400. © 2009 Musée du Louvre / Erich Lessing. AMSTERDAM.- From 6 October 2017 until 7 January 2018 the Rijksmuseum honors the first Northern Netherlandish painter: Johan Maelwael This uncle of the legendary Limbourg Brothers was active as a versatile, pioneering and productive artist at the courts of the Dukes of Guelders and Burgundy around 1400. The show is organized with the exceptional support of the... [Lire la suite]
14 juin 2017

Giovanni da Rimini: A 14th-century masterpiece unveiled at the National Gallery

Giovanni da Rimini, Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and other Saints, 1300-1305. Oil, tempera and gilding on wood, 54.4 x 36.5cm, The National Gallery, London. Acquired with a generous donation from Ronald S. Lauder, 2015 © The National Gallery, London. LONDON.- This summer visitors to the National Gallery can discover Giovanni da Rimini’s exquisite late Medieval painting, Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Other Saints. Giovanni’s panel, which is more than seven hundred... [Lire la suite]
18 mars 2017

Reunited: Francescuccio Ghissi’s St. John Altarpiece

The Portland Art Museum is pleased to present an exhibition that brings together eight dispersed 14th-century paintings, and a recreated missing panel, so that the altarpiece can be seen and appreciated as one magnificent work of art. This reunion offers visitors a special opportunity to see the Museum’s Resurrection of Drusiana in its original context in the upper left corner. Donated by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation in 1961, the painting is one of the finest Early Italian narrative scenes in the Pacific Northwest. ... [Lire la suite]
21 février 2017

Re-discovered marble lions from the tomb of Charles V of France to be sold at Christie’s London this July

Carved Marble Group of Two Addorsed Lions by André Beauneveu (circa 1335–1402), dating from 1364–66 © Christie's Images Ltd 2017 LONDON - This year, Christie’s Exceptional Sale will be led by a magnificent Carved Marble Group of Two Addorsed Lions by André Beauneveu (circa 1335–1402), dating from 1364–66. Originally executed to form part of the tomb of King Charles V of France at the Abbey of St. Denis, they were brought from France in 1802 by the English aristocrat Sir Thomas Neave... [Lire la suite]

04 février 2017

The Ringling presents "A Feast for the Senses: Art and Experience in Medieval Europe"

Master of the Saint Lucy Legend, Netherlandish, Mary, Queen of Heaven, ca. 1485/1500. Oil on panel, 79 5/16 × 64 1/2 in, 201.5 × 163.8 cm. Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington. SARASOTA, FLA.- The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art presents A Feast for the Senses: Art and Experience in Medieval Europe, a major international loan exhibition that brings together more than 100 works including stained glass, precious metals, ivories, tapestries, paintings, prints and illuminated... [Lire la suite]
11 janvier 2017

British Museum acquires rare alabaster of the Virgin and Child

Unknown artist, Alabaster figure of the Virgin and Child, 14th century © Trustees of the British Museum. LONDON.- One of the few examples of religious imagery to survive the English Reformation, this remarkably-preserved 14th-century sculpture joins the museum's collection thanks to support from the Art Fund.  The British Museum has acquired a 14th-century alabaster sculpture of the Virgin Mary and Child – a rare survivor of the English reformation – with support from the Art Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund... [Lire la suite]
14 octobre 2016

Exhibition features the most complete surviving example of a Gothic table fountain

Table Fountain, c. 1320–40. France, Paris. Gilt-silver, translucent enamel on basse-taille, and opaque enamel; 31.1 x 24.1 cm. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of J. H. Wade 1924.859. CLEVELAND, OH.- Myth and Mystique: Cleveland’s Gothic Table Fountain, for the first time, presents the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gothic table fountain as the focus of a single exhibition. The table fountain is being displayed among a group of objects including luxury silver, hand-washing vessels, enamels, illuminated manuscripts and a... [Lire la suite]
29 septembre 2016

Victoria & Albert Museum opens once in a lifetime medieval embroidery exhibition

The John of Thanet Panel (detail), Unknown, 1300 – 1320, England. Museum no. T.337-1921 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. LONDON.- Masterpieces of English medieval embroidery from the V&A’s world-class collections are reunited with works returning to England for the first time since they were created 700 years ago, in the largest exhibition on the subject in half a century. Due to the age and extreme fragility of these dazzling embroideries, the show, which runs until 5 February 2017 at the Museum, is... [Lire la suite]