29 octobre 2019

At the Met, The Last Knight: The Art, Armor, and Ambition of Maximilian I

Lorenz Helmschmid (German, first recorded 1467, died 1516). Field Armor of Maximilian I (detail), 1480. Steel, copper alloy, and leather. Sallet: private collection, New York; all other armor elements: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Imperial Armoury (A 60) NEW YORK, NY - The first major exhibition to focus on the critical role that armor played in the life and ambitions of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519) will open at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on October 7, 2019. Coinciding with the 500th anniversary of... [Lire la suite]

21 octobre 2019

L'art en broderies au Moyen Âge au Musée de Cluny

Antependium: figures de saints, Pays mosan, début du 14e siècle. Broderie de soies polychromes et de lames métalliques sur toile de lin, 82,5 x 186,5 cm, Musée de Cluny, Cl. 11995 © RMN-Grand Palais (musée de Cluny, musée national du Moyen Âge) / Gérard Blot La broderie à fils de soie, d’or et d’argent est l’un des arts les plus précieux et les plus prestigieux du Moyen Âge. Et pourtant… ces œuvres sont aujourd’hui méconnues. Du 24 octobre 2019 au 20 janvier 2020, le musée de Cluny, musée national du Moyen Âge met en lumière la... [Lire la suite]
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13 octobre 2019

Vittore Carpaccio: Two Venetian Ladies at the Hermitage

Vittore Carpaccio (Italian, about 1460 - 1526), Two Venetian Ladies, c. 1510, Oil on wood, 94 x 64 cm, Museo Correr, Venice. From 9 October 2019, Vittore Carpaccio’s depiction of Two Venetian Ladies will be on display in the Italian Cabinet of the Winter Palace. This is one of most celebrated works of painting in the collection of the Museo Correr (Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia), and among those that have been there since the establishment of that museum. There are no paintings by Vittore Carpaccio in Russian... [Lire la suite]
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04 octobre 2019

Rediscovered masterpiece by Andrea Mantegna to highlight Sotheby's Masters Week in NYC

Andrea Mantegna (c. 1431-1506), Preparatory drawing for one of the canvases in the Triumphs of Caesar. Estimated to achieve in excess of $12 Million. Courtesy Sotheby's. NEW YORK, NY.- Sotheby’s announced that it will offer one of the most art-historically important drawings ever to appear at auction: Andrea Mantegna’s only known preparatory drawing for one of the canvases in the Triumphs of Caesar, the Italian Renaissance artist’s most influential and revered work. Recently rediscovered, the masterwork will headline... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2019

'Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence' at the Frick Collection, New York

Bertoldo di Giovanni (ca. 1440–1491), Shield Bearer, ca. 1470–80. Copper alloy, with extensive traces of gilding, 8 13/16 × 3 3/4 × 2 3/4 in. (22.4 × 9.5 × 7 cm), Henry Clay Frick Bequest (1916.2.03) © The Frick Collection. Photo: Michael Bodycomb. The Frick Collection presents the first-ever exhibition on the Florentine sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni (ca. 1440–1491), a renowned student of Donatello, a teacher of Michelangelo, and a great favorite of Lorenzo “il Magnifico” de’ Medici, his principal patron. More... [Lire la suite]
02 septembre 2019

Verrocchio's First Comprehensive Exhibition Explores His Innovation in Renaissance Art and Culture at National Gallery of Art

Andrea del Verrocchio, Putto Poised on a Globe, c. 1480, terra cruda (unbaked clay), overall: 75 x 38.3 x 23 cm (29 1/2 x 15 1/16 x 9 1/16 in.), National Gallery of Art, Washington, Andrew W. Mellon Collection. Washington, DC—The National Gallery of Art presents Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence, the first-ever monographic exhibition in the United States on Andrea del Verrocchio (c. 1435–1488), the innovative artist, painter, sculptor, and teacher whose pupils included Leonardo da... [Lire la suite]

01 septembre 2019

Artificial intelligence uncovers new details about Old Master paintings

The Ghent Altarpiece closed. Credit: Copyright holder, Saint-Bavo’s Cathedral, www.lukasweb.be – Art in Flanders; photo Dominique Provost. LONDON.- Artificial intelligence has been used to analyse high-resolution digital x-ray images of the world famous Ghent Altarpiece, as part of an investigative project led by UCL. The finding is expected to improve our understanding of art masterpieces and provide new opportunities for art investigation, conservation and presentation. Researchers from the National Gallery,... [Lire la suite]
15 août 2019

National Gallery reveals images of ‘abandoned’ angel and Christ underneath The Virgin of the Rocks

Left: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Virgin of the Rocks (1491–99, 1506–08), National Gallery version, © The National Gallery, London. Right: Virgin of the Rocks - tracing of the lines relating to underdrawing for the first composition, incorporating information from all technical images. © The National Gallery, London. LONDON.- New scientific research by the National Gallery into Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks (about 1491/2-9 and 1506-8) has expanded our knowledge of the... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2019

Exhibition at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna presents works by Jan van Eyck

Jan van Eyck (c. 1390 Maaseyck near Maastricht – 1441 Bruges), Madonna and Child at the Fountain (detail). 19 x 12 cm, incl. original frame: 24,8 x 18,1 cm. Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp KMSKA © Lukas - Art in Flanders VZW, Photo: Dominique Provost. VIENNA.- The exhibition presents three of the circa twenty extant works by Jan van Eyck, offering a glimpse of the art produced during the reign of Duke Philip the Good, when the Burgundian Low Countries witnessed a unique flowering of courtly and urban civilisation. Jan... [Lire la suite]
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14 juillet 2019

Painting of Saint Roch by Bartolomeo della Gatta in Horne Museum restored thanks to Friends of Florence

Bartolomeo della Gatta (1448-1502), Saint Roch, 15th century, Museo Horne, Florence. Detail after restoration. FLORENCE.- Bartolomeo della Gatta’s 15th-century panel painting of Saint Roch has been returned to the Museo Horne in Florence following a multifaceted restoration process. The restoration by Valeria Cocchetti and Daniele Ciappi, under the supervision of the Soprintendenza di Firenze, was made possible thanks to donations by Donna Curry, Mary Mochary, and Donato Massaro through the Friends of... [Lire la suite]
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