04 février 2016


Agestrata orichalca augustata Agestrata luzonica Agestrata punctatostriata

29 janvier 2016

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird, Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, Fremont, CA. © Lee Greengrass Anna’s Hummingbirds are among the most common hummingbirds along the Pacific Coast, yet they're anything but common in appearance. With their iridescent emerald feathers and sparkling rose-pink throats, they are more like flying jewelry than birds. Though no larger than a ping-pong ball and no heavier than a nickel, Anna’s Hummingbirds make a strong impression. In their thrilling courtship displays, males climb up to 130 feet into the air... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2016


Chrysochroa fulminans cyanochlora Chrysochroa fulminas violacea Chrysochroa fulminans
16 janvier 2016

Anthaxia senicula, Anthaxia lucens, Anthaxia salicis, Anthaxia bicolor

Anthaxia senicula Anthaxia lucens   Anthaxia salicis Anthaxia bicolor
02 janvier 2016


Carabus Eucarabus Obsoletus Carabus irregularis Carabus Macrothorax morbillosus alternans Carabus Chrysocarabus solieri liguranus
27 décembre 2015


Onthophagus (Palaeonthophagus) shirakii Onthophagus potanini Onthophagus trituber Onthophagus (Strandius) oshimanus Onthophagus (Paraphanaeomorphus) argyropygus Onthophagus petenensis Onthophagus taurus Onthophagus leucomelas Onthophagus ponticus Onthophagus tersus Onthophagus rubriferris

25 décembre 2015

Japanese Maple - Erable palmé (Acer palmatum)

Japanese Maple - Erable palmé (Acer palmatum)
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25 décembre 2015

Lycus sanguineus, Dictyoptera pyropterus

Lycus sanguineus Dictyoptera pyropterus
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15 décembre 2015

Stephanitis pyri, Dictyonota strichnocera,Derephysia foliacea

Stephanitis pyri Dictyonota strichnocera Derephysia foliacea
03 décembre 2015


Trichodes ganglbaueri Trichodes ircutensis Trichode longissimus  Trichode longissimus Trichodes quadriguttatus  Trichodes quadriguttatus Trichodes punctatus Trichodes apiarius   Trichodes apiarius