03 novembre 2023

A celadon-glazed lobed cup and stand, Goryeo dynasty, 12th-13th century

Lot 47. Property from the Collection of Dr Kenneth Lawley (1937-2023). A celadon-glazed lobed cup and stand, Goryeo dynasty, 12th-13th century. Diameter of stand 14 cm. Lot Sold 20,320 GBP (Estimate 4,000 - 6,000 GBP). © Sotheby's 2023 Provenance: Collection of Dr H. A. Treble (1907–1981).Bluett & Sons Ltd., London, 10th April 1981.Dunt King, 3rd June 1995. Sotheby's. Important Chinese Art, London, 1st november 2023
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30 août 2023

"Baeksan : Maître céramiste" au musée Cernuschi

Baeksan (né en 1941) © Kim Jeong-ok (Baeksan) PARIS - Après « l’été vietnamien » proposé en 2022, le musée Cernuschi organise cette année un « été coréen ». Celui-ci consiste d’une part en un accrochage Le noir et la matière : Monochromes coréens, et d’autre part en une exposition, dans la salle du grand Bouddha, d’une sélection d’œuvres du céramiste Kim Jeong-ok (né en 1941), plus connu sous son nom d’artiste : Baeksan. Il s’agit de la première présentation en France des oeuvres de Baeksan, dont le statut en Corée est... [Lire la suite]
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22 août 2023

Everything is Transient. An Important White-Glazed Korean Moon Jar at Sotheby's New York, 9 September 2023

  An important white-glazed moon jar, Joseon dynasty, late 17th-early 18th century. Height 45.2 cm; Diameter 45.4 cm. Estimate Upon Request. Lot Sold 3,569,000 USD. © Sotheby's 2023 Provenance: Japanese Private Collection, by 1964.Important Japanese Private Collection, until circa 1978.Japanese Private Collection. Literature: Masterpieces of Korean Art, vol. 3, Tokyo, 1978, pl. 144. Exhibited: Glory of Korean Pottery and Porcelain of the Yi Dynasty, Museum of... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2023

'The Beauty of Praye - Buddhist Art from the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties' to be exhibited at Kyushu National Museum

Buddhism first arrived on the Korean Peninsula in the fourth century, about 200 years before it came to Japan. From that time, it greatly influenced the cultures and beliefs of those living there, fostering the development of unique aesthetics, especially during the Goryeo (918–1392) and Joseon (1392–1910) dynasties. With their respect for scholarship, the kings of the Goryeo court were devout followers of Buddhism. However, this religion lost political sway during the Joseon dynasty, which was built on the teachings of... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2023

Minneapolis Institute of Art, Korean Art, The Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Fund & the Wells Family Foundation Trust

Ewer in the shape of a gourd, Korea, 12th century. Porcelaneous stoneware under celadon glaze, 29.85 x 18.1 x 19.05 cm. Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Fund and gift of funds from the Wells Family Foundation Trust, 99.41a,b. The organic forms they encountered in the natural world inspired Korean potters of the Koryo dynasty (918-1392). They fashioned tea pots and wine vessels in the shape of a pumpkin-squash, a peach, and in this case, a gourd. In fact, dried gourds had long been used as storage... [Lire la suite]
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24 mars 2023

Korean Ceramics sold at Christie's New York, 21 march 2023

Lot 169. A rare celadon stoneware water dropper, Goryeo dynasty (12th century); 3 1/2 in. (8.9 cm.) high. Price realised USD 40,320 (Estimate USD 10,000 – USD 15,000). © Christie’s Images Ltd 2023 The vessel modelled naturalistic as a man holding a jug, the small receptacle on the back of hat and dropper on the jug, covered with rich green celadon glaze with high sheen and dense crackle. Lot 170. A small celadon stoneware jar, Goryeo dynasty (12th century); 4 in. (10.2 cm.)... [Lire la suite]

02 mars 2023

Rare Joseon-Era Moon Jar Will Be Auctioned by Christie’s NY in March

An important white porcelain moon jar, Joseon Dynasty, 18th century. Height: 17¾ in (45.1 cm). Estimate: $1,000,000-2,000,000. Price realised USD 4,560,000. © Christie’s Images Ltd 2023 NEW YORK - A luxury white porcelain Korean moon jar made in the 18th century is expected to attract attention with a brilliant light at auction in March. About 20 other Korean antique works will be auctioned at Christie’s New York on March 21, 2023. The highlighted moon jar was made during the Joseon era. There are only around 20... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2022

"Korean Fashion: From Royal Court to Runway" Offers Full Spectrum of Fashion Through December 22 at The Textile Museum

Lie Sang Bong (Korean, b. 1955); Chaekgado jacket, tunic and pants; Korea; 2017. Collection of Lie Sang Bong. WASHINGTON, DC.- As the first exhibition in the United States to offer the full spectrum of fashion from Korea's last royal dynasty to today's Hallyu (Korean wave), Korean Fashion: From Royal Court to Runway has been attracting a wide range of visitors since it opened on August 20 at The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.Lee Talbot, the museum's curator who... [Lire la suite]
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02 septembre 2022

A Goryeo celadon 'dragon' vase, meiping, 12th century

Lot 3417. A Goryeo celadon 'dragon' vase, meiping, 12th century. H 37.4cm. Sold for HKD 2,160,000 (Estimate HKD 1,800,000 - 2,500,000). © Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited 2022 The vase has a slightly dished mouth with a thin rim, a short neck and broad shoulders, tapering below the shoulders to a slightly flared shin, and a flat footrim, the body covered with a thin layer of blue glaze, with the porcelain flesh faintly visible. The form is similar to that of a contemporaneous Song... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2022

Goryeo dynasty Celadon Ewers from The Art Institute of Chicago

Ewer with Peonies and Scrolling Leaves, Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), early 12th century. Celadon-glazed stoneware with underglaze painting in iron-brown. H. 18.5 cm (7 1/4 in.); diam. 15.1 cm (5 15/16 in.). Gift of Mr. Russell Tyson, 1950.1632. The Art Institute of Chicago Ewer, Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), early 12th century. Celadon-glazed stoneware with gold repair. H. 21.1 cm (8 5/16 in.); diam. 16.8 cm (6 5/8 in.). Bequest of Russell Tyson, 1964.953. The Art Institute of Chicago Gourd-Shaped Ewer with Twisted Handle, Goryeo... [Lire la suite]
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