09 janvier 2020

Extremely rare gold coins of the Mughal Emperor to be offered at Spink USA

NEW YORK, NY.- Two rare gold coins of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir are on offer at the NY INC coin fair, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 19th January. Lot 264 is a Mohur depicting an image of Taurus the Bull, struck at Agra mint (estimate $80,000-100,000). This is an extremely rare and desirable coin made at the Mughal capital. However, the Mohur featuring Cancer the Crab, offered at lot 265 is far rarer, as it was struck at Kashmir mint (estimate $300,000-400,000). Kashmir was the resort of Emperors during the hot season and was a... [Lire la suite]
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06 août 2018

Gold solidus struck by the Emperor Heraclius, Constantinople, 640 or 641

Gold solidus struck by the Emperor Heraclius, Constantinople, 640 or 641. Diam: 1.95 cm. Inv. no. C 163. © The David Collection. The Emperor Heraclius, who is shown on this gold coin together with his sons Heraclius Constantine and Heraklonas, ruled the Byzantine Empire between 610 and 641.   Through a series of campaigns, Heraclius vanquished the Sasanians, who had penetrated far into his realm, but in turn was defeated by the new power – the Muslim Arabs – in the battle of Yarmuk in 636. This led to the loss of... [Lire la suite]
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16 novembre 2017

East Asian coins on display at National Museum of American History

  Dragon head bridge money, China, 5th–3rd century BCE. Acquired from the Howard F. Bowker Family. © Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History WASHINGTON, DC.- The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is displaying selected numismatic objects recently acquired from the collection of Howard F. Bowker. The New Acquisitions case within the “Value of Money” exhibition shows 19 items ranging from fifth-century B.C. Chinese bridge and knife money to 20th-century Chinese money minted in... [Lire la suite]
26 septembre 2017

La Monnaie de Paris: The last secret in the heart of Paris finally opens its doors

A picture taken on September 21, 2017 in Paris, shows the treasure of Huê, colonial warfare of French troops to the expenses of the empire Annam, which gathers 62 gold bullion, 86 gold medals and 4 silver bars inside the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint)  ahead of the re-opening of the museum.  PARIS.- After 6 years of work, the transformation works at the Parisian site of Monnaie de Paris concluded to give birth to 11 Conti - Monnaie de Paris. Completely renovated, Monnaie de Paris reveals its ambitious... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2017

‘Syria Antiqua – Coins and Monuments on the Museuminsel’ at Bode Museum, Berlin

Uranius Antoninus, obverse: left-facing armoured bust of Uranius Antonius with laurel wreath; reverse: the stone of Baal from Emesa on a four-horse chariot (quadriga), left-facing. © State Museums of Berlin, Coin Cabinet / Reinhard Saczewski BERLIN - Bode Museum is displaying coins from ancient Syrian cities in an exhibition, titled 'Syria Antiqua – Coins and Monuments on the Museuminsel’, on view through November 5, 2017. Coins from ancient Syrian cities illustrate impressively the cultural, religious, and... [Lire la suite]
15 mai 2017

Summer exhibition celebrates the largest acquisition in the Frick Collection's history

NEW YORK, NY.- Over the course of six decades, Stephen K. Scher—a collector, scholar, and curator—has assembled the most comprehensive and significant private collection of portrait medals in the world, part of which he and his wife, Janie Woo Scher, gave to The Frick Collection last year. To celebrate the Schers’ generous gift of what is the largest acquisition in the museum’s history, the Frick presents more than one hundred of the finest examples from their collection in The Pursuit of Immortality, on view... [Lire la suite]

13 août 2016

Kunsthistorisches Museum exhibits works from the Emperor's coin collection

Johann Zoffani (1733-1810), Francis I (1708-1765), 1776-77, canvas 232 x 149 cm © KHM-Museumsverband. VIENNA.- As part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Kunsthistorisches Museum the Coin Collection is showing a special exhibition featuring selected gold coins from the Imperial Numophylaciums, the Emperor’s coin collection. Renowned for its size and the quality and rarity of its holdings, the world-famous collection in Vienna owes its fame to generations of Austrian rulers and their... [Lire la suite]
11 juillet 2016

La Crypte archéologique du parvis Notre-Dame présente l'exposition "L’Or du Pouvoir, de Jules César à Marianne"

L'Or du pouvoir : Affiche. PARIS - À partir du 26 mai 2016, une exposition inédite, L’Or du pouvoir, de Jules César à Marianne, est présentée à la Crypte archéologique de l’île de la Cité. Cette exposition retrace l’histoire de Paris à travers une magnifique sélection de monnaies et d’objets présentés pour la première fois au public. En dix étapes, le visiteur découvre les personnages historiques qui ont transformé le destin de la ville et de leur époque, en lien avec les vestiges archéologiques de la Crypte. Depuis les... [Lire la suite]
11 mai 2016

Parisii, Statère, Classe II

Lot 3. Parisii, Statère, Classe II. Estimation 6 000 € - 8 000 €. Photo Photo Kapandji Morhange Tête à dr., oeil de f., nez droit et front shématisés. Entre le le menton et le cou, un motif oblong hachuré. R./ Cheval stylisé à g.; sous le cheval, un cercle perlé de 6 perles centré d'une septième. (Colbert de Beaulieu 2 p. 9). Or. 7,25 g. Très légèrement décentré au revers. Très Beau. KAPANDJI MORHANGE, le 13 Mai 2016 à 14h00
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11 mai 2016

Parisii, Statère, Classe I

Lot 2. Parisii, Statère, Classe I. Estimation 8 000 € - 10 000 €. Photo Photo Kapandji Morhange Tête humaine à dr., l'oeil de profil, une croix sur la joue. R./ Cheval stylisé à g., une croix devant le front ; (Colbert de Beaulieu 6 p. 4 ). Or. 7,23g. Très beau. KAPANDJI MORHANGE, le 13 Mai 2016 à 14h00
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