19 décembre 2017

A fine and very rare rhinoceros horn 'Shoulao and Eight Immortals' libation cup, Wanli period (1573-1620)

Lot 263. A fine and very rare rhinoceros horn 'Shoulao and Eight Immortals' libation cup, Wanli period (1573-1620). L. 14,3 cm. Estimate 30,000/50,000 €. Lot sold 28.000 €. Courtesy Nagel finely carved as a veined lotus leaf, carved on the exterior in relief with Shoulao, the God of Longevity, flanked by a deer and flying on a crane, surrounded by the Eight Immortals, each holding his respective attribute, all below relief carved ruyi-shaped clouds, raised on an openwork base in the form of... [Lire la suite]

08 mai 2017

An important European private collection of rhinoceros horn objects at Bonhams Hong Kong, 30 may 2017

Photo: Bonhams.  Lot 129. A rhinoceros horn 'lotus leaf' libation cup, 17th-18th century, 10.4cm (4 1/8in) wide. Estimate HK$ 100,000 - 150,000 (€12,000 - 18,000). Sold for HK$ 212,500 (€ 22,574). Photo: Bonhams. Naturalistically worked in the form of a curled lotus leaf issuing from a stem forming the foot at the base, one side flanked by another curved lotus leaf forming the handle, the horn of a dark chocolate-brown tone.  Provenance: An important European private collection ... [Lire la suite]
07 mai 2015

Seven rhinoceros horn libation cups, 17th to 19th century, at Bonhams London, 14 May 2015

Lot 246. A large 'Shoulao and Eight Immortals' rhinoceros horn libation cup, 17th-18th century;18.8cm (7 3/8in) long. Estimate £6,000 - 8,000 (€8,100 - 11,000). Sold for £27,500 (€31,119). Photo: Bonhams. The horn of a rich dark tone, deeply and intricately carved in relief with the eight Immortals each holding their respective attribute, standing in anticipation of the arrival of Shoulao seated on a flying crane, the interior carved as petals of lotus with the handle naturalistically formed from tree branches... [Lire la suite]