28 août 2011

A 'Huanghuali' Recessed-leg long Table (qiaotouan). Qing dynasty, 17th-18th century

A 'Huanghuali' Recessed-leg long Table (qiaotouan). Qing dynasty, 17th-18th century. Photo Sotheby's the narrow single plank top with molded edges terminating in everted flanges and supported on trestles, the square legs with beaded edges and raised double beading to the center joined by molded humped shoe foot, framing an openwork beaded-edge panel, well-carved with a scaly qilin prancing on rocks, cash, ingots and waves beneath scrolling clouds, the straight apron with a beaded edge terminating with ruyi-scroll spandrels,... [Lire la suite]

28 août 2011

A fine pair of 'Huanghuali' yokeback armchairs (Sichutouguanmaoyi). 17th century

A fine pair of 'Huanghuali' yokeback armchairs (Sichutouguanmaoyi). 17th century. Photo Sotheby's each finely carved, the undulating bow-shaped toprail with flattened headrest and rounded terminals, supported on an elegantly curved back splat and tapered stiles, extending to S-shaped armrails held by the curved front posts with lobed brackets and mid-section support, the front and back posts continuing through the rectangular cane seat to form the legs of square section, the side aprons and spandrels set with simple beading, the... [Lire la suite]
28 août 2011

A fine and rare Huanghuali wasted daybed (Ta). 17th century

A fine and rare Huanghuali wasted daybed (Ta). 17th century. Photo Sotheby's the rectangular soft cane sleeping surface within a frame with molded edge, above a wide apron and beaded lower edge, on square-section tapered cabriole legs ending in ball feet with pointed hoof toes, the underside with four transverse braces, the wood a warm, honey-brown color with a smooth patina. Height 20 1/4 in., 51.4 cm; Width 85 1/2 in., 217.2 cm; Depth 43 1/2 in., 110.5 cm. Estimate 400,000-600,000 USD PROVENANCE: Property from a... [Lire la suite]
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27 août 2011

A 'Huanghuali' yokeback armchair (ISichutouguanmaoyi. 17th century

A 'Huanghuali' yokeback armchair (ISichutouguanmaoyi. 17th century. Photo Sotheby's with an arched crestrail with truncated terminals above a curved rectangular splat finely carved with an entwined vine and cloud ruyi-shaped medallion, the scrolled outline arms anchored in to the front seat rail, with a soft cane seat above an entwined vine scrolling apron, the wood of rich reddish-brown with a smoothly finished patina. Height 46 1/2 in., 118.1 cm; Width 21 3/4 in., 55.2 cm., Depth 18 1/4 in., 46.4 cm. Estimate 80,000-120,000 USD ... [Lire la suite]
17 septembre 2008

A Pair of 'Huanghuali' 'Official's Hat' Armchairs (Sichutouguanmaoyi). Ming Dynasty

A Pair of 'Huanghuali' 'Official's Hat' Armchairs (Sichutouguanmaoyi). Ming Dynasty Each with bow-shaped crestrail with protruding ears over a serpentine splat and stiles, the serpentine arms on serpentine supports terminating in curved rounded handrests above flanges with beaded scrolled edges, the stiles and front supports of circular section, continuing through the rectangular seat with molded edge and hard cane seat to the slightly splayed legs with slightly arched apron brackets with beaded edge to the front and sides, box... [Lire la suite]