10 janvier 2019

Galerie Cybele at BRAFA 2019, Stand 19d

Agricultural implements for Shabtis, Egypt, 19th Dynasty, Reign of Sethi I, 1290-1279 BC. Faience, two water pots carried on a yoke, a seed basket, hoes. © Galerie Cybele at BRAFA 2019, Stand 19d. Provenance: given by Belzoni to Lord Belmore one year after the discovery of the tomb of Sethy I, 1817, Charles Bouché Collection; Sotheby's London, 4 December 1972, lot n° 105 Literature: H. Loffet, ‘Collection Emmacha, antiquités Egyptiennes, Tome 1: Les shabtys et ouchebtys’, Paris, 2013, pp. 229-131, n° 73- ... [Lire la suite]

31 octobre 2010

The Egypt Experience: Secrets of the Tomb @ The Toledo Museum of Art

Ancient Egyptian. Shabti (servant figure) of Henut-wedjebu. Wood with Egyptian blue inlays and black pigment, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1350 BCE. Toledo Museum of Art. Gift of The Apollo Society. TOLEDO, OH.- Discover an ancient civilization’s fascinating approach to life and the afterlife at The Egypt Experience: Secrets of the Tomb, a new exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art. The installation of more than 150 objects spanning 3,000 years of history are on temporary view in a specially designed Lower Level Egyptian... [Lire la suite]