16 février 2020

A Huanghuali Low Table, Kangji, 17th Century

Lot 3693. A Huanghuali Low Table, Kangji, 17th Century; 25 by 78.5 by 41 cm., 9 7/8  30 7/8  by 16 1/8  in. Estimate 240,000 — 300,000 HKD. Lot sold 625,000 HKD. Photo: Sotheby's. of rectangular form, the flush single board tabletop supported on a waist above the plain rounded apron joined to the curved hoofed feet, fine-grained wood with a dark brown patina. Sotheby's. Contemporary Literati — A Gathering, Hong Kong, 07  april 2014
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08 février 2020

An aubergine-glazed hu-form vase, 17th century

Lot 1756. An aubergine-glazed hu-form vase, 17th century; 10½ in. (26.7 cm.) high. Estimate USD 10,000 - USD 15,000. Price realised USD 17,500. © Christie's Images Ltd 2011.  The body tapering from the sloping shoulder applied with a pair of deer-head handles, the exterior covered with a glaze of deep aubergine tone that continues over the mouth rim and pools thickly at the foot, the flat unglazed base burnt orange in the firing. Provenance: Mrs. Richard K. Sun Collection,... [Lire la suite]
30 janvier 2020

A blue and white baluster jar, 17th century

Lot 8. A blue and white baluster jar, 17th century; 11 ½ in. (29.2 cm.) high. Estimate USD 4,000 - USD 6,000. Price realised USD 6,000. © Christie’s Image Ltd 2020 In Delft style with octagonal form and a continuous scene of scholars in a landscape between leaf-tip and lotus-lappet borders. Property from the Collection of Peter Tcherepnine. Christie’s. Chinese Export Art Featuring the Tibor Collection, Part II, New York, 23 January 2020
29 janvier 2020

A long red-lacquer recessed-leg trestle table (qiaotouan), 17th century

Lot 236. A long red-lacquer recessed-leg trestle table (qiaotouan), 17th century. Height 35 3/4 in., 91 cm; Width 112 3/4 in., 286.5 cm; Depth 20 in., 51 cm Estimate 10,000 — 15,000 USD. Lot sold 10,000 USD. Photo Sotheby's the long rectangular top with upturned everted flanges surmounting a plain narrow apron and spandrels, the legs of circular section supported on trestles with pierced panels carved with ruyi, the surface with generous remains of red and... [Lire la suite]
28 janvier 2020

A gilt-bronze figure of Samantabhadra, 17th century

Lot 1529. A gilt-bronze figure of Samantabhadra, 17th century; 12½ in. (31.7 cm.) tall. Estimate USD 15,000 - USD 25,000. Price realised USD 40,000. © Christie's Images Ltd 2013 The bodhisattva is seated in lalitsasana on a long blanket incised with floral decoration draped over the back of a recumbent elephant, and his hands held in varada and abhaya mudras hold a lotus stem. His face is well cast with a serene expression enhanced by the curled goatee... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2020

A blue and white brushpot (bitong), Transitional period, 17th century

Lot 276. A blue and white brushpot (bitong), Transitional period, 17th century. Height 6 1/2 in., 16.5 cm. Estimate 5,000 — 7,000 USD. Lot sold 7,500 USD. Photo Sotheby's of tall cylindrical form, painted with lotus and peony floral arrangements in 'cracked ice' vases, flanked by scholar's rocks and flowering orchids on low tables, all between lightly incised bands of stylized waves around the mouth and base.  Provenance: Bluett & Sons, London.Christie's New... [Lire la suite]

26 janvier 2020

Vanitas, South Germany, 17th century

Vanitas, South Germany, 17th century. Boxwood. H 18 cm. © Dario Ghio. DARIO GHIO, Stand 106c at BRAFA, 26 janvier-2 février 2020.
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25 janvier 2020

KLAAS MULLER, Stand 137a at BRAFA, 26 janvier-2 février 2020

Frans Snyders (Antwerp, 1579-1659), Still life with lobster, artichokes, asparagus and fruits, circa 1630-1640. Oil on panel, 78.5 x 85 cm. © Klaas Muller. Dr. Fred Meijer confirmed the work to be an authentic painting by Frans Snyders. Rombout Verhulst (attributed to) (Mechelen 1624-1698 The Hague), Flemish school, 17th century, Portrait of a Spanish nobleman. Terracotta. H 61 cm © Klaas Muller. Martinus Nellius (Leiden (?) 1621-1719 Den Hague), Still life with melon, blackberries, pomegranate, black radishes and butterflies... [Lire la suite]
23 janvier 2020

A magnificent and very rare pair of massive huanghuali compound cabinets and hatchests, Sijiangui, 17th century

Lot 1566. A magnificent and very rare pair of massive huanghuali compound cabinets and hatchests, Sijiangui, 17th century; 110 ½ in. (280.6 cm.) high, 49 in. (124.4 cm.) wide, 24 ½ in. (63 cm.) deep. Estimate: USD 1,200,000-1,800,000. Price realised USD 1,563,750. © Christie's Images Ltd 2013.  Each is of massive rectangular form and constructed from large panels of huanghuali with beautiful graining and rich amber tone. The hat chest has two square panel doors with a removable... [Lire la suite]
22 janvier 2020

ART ET PATRIMOINE - LAURENCE LENNE, Stand 127b at BRAFA, 26 janvier-2 février 2020

Chalice 'with suns', Silversmith: member of Pijart familly, Paris, 1534-1535. Silver, vermeil and enamel, H 21 cm. © ART ET PATRIMOINE - LAURENCE LENNE Wedding coffer, Mexico, 17th century. Tortoiseshell and silver, 25 x 19.5 x 14 cm. © ART ET PATRIMOINE - LAURENCE LENNE. Portable altar, Urbino, Patanazzi workshop, late 16th century. Polychrome majolica, 34 x 31 x 24 cm. © ART ET PATRIMOINE - LAURENCE LENNE.