23 juillet 2023

La collection Philippe Magloire chez Ader, 7 juillet 2023

Ancien géologue pétrolier, rien ne prédestinait Philippe Magloire à collectionner les céramiques islamiques. Mais une mission professionnelle de six ans à Téhéran à partir de mai 1972 a changé le cours de sa vie. Entre son passionnant travail et ses parties de chasse effrénées, le scientifique commence à s’intéresser aux objets d’art de son pays d’adoption, fasciné par leurs techniques de création. Il constitue alors avec son épouse les bribes d’une première collection principalement constituée de bronzes du... [Lire la suite]

02 juin 2019

Drop by Drop Life Falls from the Sky. Water, Islam, and Art, an exhibition at the Museo d’Arte Orientale (MAO)

At MAO, Turin, opens Drop by Drop Life Falls from the Sky. Water, Islam, and Art, an exhibition curated by Alessandro Vanoli It is the major exhibition on the relationship between water and Islam, from its most ancient origins to its many complex developments, up to more recent needs. This exhibition tells a story through images, artifacts, books, and miniatures: technology, everyday life, and art, which for centuries mirrored one another in the many ways of enjoying and using water. This exhibition bears witness to the variety and... [Lire la suite]
05 août 2018

Silver bowl, Eastern Iran or Afghanistan, 4th-5th century

Bowl, silver on a low ring base, Eastern Iran or Afghanistan; 4th-5th century. H: 7.3; Diam: 14.6 cm, Inv. no. 2/1984. © The David Collection. The outside of the bowl is embellished with three dynamically rendered scenes with princes on horseback hunting ibexes, wild sheep, and deer, while its inside is smooth. The decoration’s relief was produced by both scraping away the surface and applying extra silver plates, whose engraved and chased decoration has almost been worn away.   The shape of the bowl is Roman... [Lire la suite]
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21 janvier 2018

Jacques Barrère at BRAFA, 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018, Stand 72b

  Uma. Grey sandstone. Khmer Art, Cambodia, Angkor Vat period, 12th century, 97 x 40 x 13 cm. © Jacques Barrère   Head of Buddha. Stucco. Greco-buddhist art from Gandhara, Afghanistan, Pakistan, 3rd-4th century, 16.5 x 10 x 12 cm. © Jacques Barrère Buddha under the Naga. Gray sandstone, Khmer Art, Cambodia, Post-Bayon period, 13th century-14th century, 84 x 35 cm. © Jacques Barrère Jacques Barrère at BRAFA, 27 Jan... [Lire la suite]
04 novembre 2017

Two previously unrecorded folios from the late Shah Jahan album

© Christie's Images Ltd 2017 THE ALBUMThe ‘Late Shah Jahan Album’ was so called because it was compiled during the last decade of Shah Jahan’s reign, between 1650 and 1658. The paintings in the album date from about 1620 to 1657, with an emphasis on single standing portraits of Mughal dignitaries. The associated calligraphic folios are by the well-known 16th century Iranian calligrapher Mir ‘Ali, most of them signed by him. The unsigned ones are also thought to be the work of Mir ‘Ali, with the exception of a single folio which is... [Lire la suite]
03 août 2017

A silver and gold-inlaid bronze jug (mashrabe), Timurid Khorassan, North East Iran or Afghanistan, Late 15th or early 16th centu

Lot 17. A silver and gold-inlaid bronze jug (mashrabe), Timurid Khorassan, North East Iran or Afghanistan, Late 15th or early 16th century, 6 1/8in. (15.5cm.) high. Estimate £120,000 - GBP 180,000. Price realised GBP 110,500. © Christie's Image Ltd 2015  Rising from a short trumpet foot through wide bulbous body tapering to a high neck with a stepped shoulder, slightly flaring at the mouth with a slightly everted rim, the matched gently domed lid with hole to the centre, associated curved handle with... [Lire la suite]

21 mai 2017

"A New Light on Bernard Berenson: Persian Paintings from Villa I Tatti" on view at Harvard Art Museums

Chess versus Backgammon, illustrated folio from an Anthology of Persian Treatises, Afghanistan, Herat, Timurid period, 1427. Ink, colors, silver, and gold on paper. Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Florence. Photo: Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies; © President and Fellows of Harvard College. CAMBRIDGE, MASS.- This focused exhibition features illustrated Persian manuscripts and detached folios that were collected in the early 20th century... [Lire la suite]
04 septembre 2016

Gemstones: Aquamarine to Zircon on display at University of Delaware's Mineralogical Museum

Spodumene, Mawi, Afghanistan, crystal (8.5 cm) and cut stone (317.96 cts). Image courtesy of Tom Spann.  NEWARK, DE.- The University Museums of the University of Delaware displays gemstones from the collection of Herb and Monika Obodda August 31-December 9, 2016 in the Mineralogical Museum in Penny Hall. This semester the University of Delaware Mineralogical Museum features gemstones used in jewelry, prized for their durability as well as their beauty. Minerals have long been fashioned into gemstones, both as... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2016

Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery Presents First Major U.S. Exhibition of Qur'ans

 Qur’an. Calligrapher: Ali b. Mahmud al-Havavi; Iran, Tabriz, Safavid period, January 15, 1516; Ink, color, and gold on paper; Each page 41 × 29cm; Istanbul, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, TIEM 232. Photo Hadiye Cangokce / Istanbul, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts The first major exhibition of Qur'ans (Korans) in the U.S., "The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts," will open at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Oct. 15 and continue through Feb. 20,... [Lire la suite]
12 juin 2016

Elbaite - Paprok, Kunar Prov., Afghanistan

Elbaite - Paprok, Kunar Prov., Afghanistan
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