23 avril 2017

Axel Vervoordt at TEFAF New York Spring 2017

Head Of The Apollo Belvedere Type, Western Europe, Roman Empire, 3rd-4th century AD. White marble. Height 20.8 cm. Courtesy Axel Vervoordt Provenance: Private collection T., Leeds; private collection, France, acquired 1980s; private collection Mr. Diego von Bergen, Rome (Villa Bonaparte) and Berlin, acquired circa 1940s  Head Of Venus Genetrix, Western Europe, Roman Empire, 1st century AD. White marble. Height 20.5 cm. Courtesy Axel Vervoordt Striding Figure... [Lire la suite]

18 avril 2016

A blue-laced nimaido gusoku (armor), Edo period, 19th century

Lot 65. A blue-laced nimaido gusoku (armor), Edo period, 19th century. Estimate $20,000 - $30,000. Price Realized $43,750. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016. The armor comprising:Helmet [kabuto]: a russet iron ichimai kabuto (single sheet helmet) with embossed hachimanza (decorative component at the apex of the helmet bowl) and shinodare (arrow-shaped decorative strips), wide mabi-sashi (peak) with three large round rivets, the maedate (forecrest) of a gilt circle... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2016

"Wonders of the State of Chu" at the National Museum Atestino Este and at the National Archaeological Museum of Adria

From March 13 to September 25, arrives at Este and Adria " Wonders of the State of CHU ", the archaeological exhibition is part of the project Ancient Civilizations & CHINA VENETO, promoted by Regione Veneto, City of Adria and Este, MiBACT Ministry the cultural heritage and cultural and tourism activities in collaboration with the Superintendence for cultural heritage of the Veneto. The project involves the construction of two exhibitions event, hosted in the Venetian museums Este and Adria and an exhibition of... [Lire la suite]
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10 janvier 2010

Tetsuya Noguchi, Chanel Samurai Armor

"In a salute to luxury brand Chanel, artist Tetsuya Noguchi has created some concept samurai armor suits designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious warrior. Made from resin, cashew lacquer, cloth and glass, the exquisitely crafted protective suits sport the iconic double-C logo, allowing the wearer to flaunt his superior social status while crushing the enemy on the battlefield". (pinktentacle)
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25 octobre 2009

Fifteen japanese armors from The Samurai Sale @ Bonhams, New York

An o-yoroi armor, Late Edo period (19th century) © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd The armor of honkozane lacquered black and laced in green kebiki odoshi and mounted with gilt-copper hardware and comprising a forty-six plate suji bachi lacquered black with a large four-lame omanju jikoro, fukigaeshi and mabisashi, all applied with stenciled doe skin, the front of the bowl fitted with a gilt-copper kuwagata dai holding kuwagata and a large gold-lacquered wood dragon maedate; the black-lacquered iron yoshi ryubumen fitted with a... [Lire la suite]
08 octobre 2009

Arts of the Samurai Sale at Christie's New York on October 23

Red-and-blue laced gold-lacquered Honkozane Nimai Do Gusoku armor Edo Period (17th century) Estimate: $250,000-300,000. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2009 NEW YORK, NY.- Christie’s New York is pleased to announce a dedicated sale of Arts of the Samurai on October 23, which exemplifies the outstanding craftsmanship and visual splendor of the Samurai culture. The collection includes over 80 lots comprising of armor, helmets, and most importantly, swords dating from the thirteenth to nineteenth centuries. The Samurai have a major... [Lire la suite]
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