05 août 2016

A temporary export bar has been placed on two 17th century ivory statuettes by Balthasar Permoser

Balthasar Permoser (1651-1732), Autumn (Bacchus) & Winter (Vulcan), 1695, ivory. LONDON.- Two 17th century ivory statuettes are at risk of being exported from the UK unless a buyer can be found to match the asking price of £1.8 million. Minister of State for Digital and Culture Matt Hancock has placed a temporary export bar on the statuettes Autumn and Winter by Balthasar Permoser to keep them in the country. The statuettes were made in 1695 by Balthasar Permoser (1651-1732), who is considered one of... [Lire la suite]
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06 septembre 2013

Moors & Africans in Green Vault, Dresden

Moor with Emerald Level, Balthasar Permoser (sculptor), Wilhelm Kruger (sculptor), Johann Melchior Dinglinger (jeweler). Emerald: Gift of 1581; jewelery and sculptural works: probably 1724. Pear wood, painted, silver, gold, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topazes, garnets, almandine, tortoiseshell, Emerald; 63.8 x 29.0 x 31.0 cm, H 58 cm without crown. VIII 303. Green Vault © Dresden State Art Collections 2013 The statuette would be without the Baroque interior design of the Green Vault 1723-1724 did not occur, because it owes... [Lire la suite]