13 février 2019

A rare Dingyao incised 'Daylily' deep bowl, Northern Song dynasty, 11th-12th century

Lot 733. A rare Dingyao incised 'Daylily' deep bowl, Northern Song dynasty, 11th-12th century; 5 3/8 in. (13.7 cm.) diam. Estimate $220,000 - USD 300,000. Price Realized $245,000. © Christie’s Image Ltd 2014 The bowl is finely potted with deep, rounded sides rising from a flat base to a lipped rim. The interior is freely carved with daylily blossoms borne on graceful, leafy stems, and the bowl is covered inside and out with a transparent ivory glaze stopping at the... [Lire la suite]

22 mars 2018

Two Longquan celadon braziers, Ming dynasty, 15th century

Lot 3211. Two Longquan celadon braziers, Ming dynasty, 15th century. The largest: 9 7/8 in. (25.1 cm.) diam. Estimate HKD 80,000 - HKD 120,000. Price realised HKD 62,500. © Christie's Images Ltd 2014 The first with bombe sides, is raised on a circular foot and cut-out in the form of five shaped 'legs' and carved with flower sprigs to their exteriors, and separated by openings of conforming outline. There are five apertures above the 'legs' and below the barbed, everted rim. The... [Lire la suite]
27 mai 2016

A fine and very rare teadust-glazed gu-shaped vase, Qianlong impressed six-character seal mark and of the period

Lot 3217. A fine and very rare teadust-glazed gu-shaped vase, Qianlong impressed six-character seal mark and of the period (1736-1795). Estimate HK$4,500,000 – HK$6,500,000 (US$582,050 - $840,739). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016. The vase is finely potted with a compressed globular mid-section above a short spreading foot, rising to a long trumpet neck with a wide flared rim, covered overall with an even rich unctuous glaze of deep, moss-green tone. 10 1/4 in. (26 cm.) high, silver wire-inlaid wood stand,... [Lire la suite]