29 août 2013

A Large Buncheong Stoneware Bottle, Joseon dynasty (15th-16th century)

A Large Buncheong Stoneware Bottle, Joseon dynasty (15th-16th century). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2013 Of pear form with cylindrical neck ending in a wide, flaring rim with bands of white-slip decoration, beginning above the foot with incised overlapping lotus leaves filled with white slip between line borders and a wide panel of "rope curtain" rising to successive bands of lappets, chrysanthemum florets and stylized leaf bands below triple lines at the rim, the mouth interior ornamented with a white-slip band of lines... [Lire la suite]
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15 août 2012

A small slip-decorated buncheong stoneware bottle. Joseon dynasty (15th-16th century)

A small slip-decorated buncheong stoneware bottle. Joseon dynasty (15th-16th century). Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2012 In the form of a rice bale, with a short flaring mouth rim, the rounded sides inlaid in white slip with a central band of diagonal dotted lines between delicate flowerhead and lotus-leaf bands, one end with a lotus-head medallion, the other with a knife-cut foot ring, the greyish stoneware applied with a green-tinged clear glaze with crackle and even lustre; 5½in. (14cm.) high; 5 5/8in. (14.3cm.)... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2010

Korean ceramics @ Christie's New York

A Large Blue and White Porcelain Water Dropper in the form of a Mythical Lion (Haetae). Joseon dynasty (19th century). Photo: Christie´s Images Ltd 2010Modelled as a seated lion supporting a large double-gourd bottle balanced on a tasseled saddle, the lion's mane, eye pupils, beard and tail accented by lines and dabs of underglaze blue as well as blue decorative florets and cord of the neck bell, the base of the double-gourd flask moulded with a band of lappets picked out in underglaze blue; the vessel also applied with a glossy,... [Lire la suite]
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