24 janvier 2017

Galerie Günter et Puhze. Stand 133a. Brafa Art Fair, 21-29 janvier 2017

Eros, Hellenistic, early 2nd century BC. Terracotta. H 39.3 cm. Courtesy Galerie Galerie Günter et Puhze.  Literature: Freddie Küng, Luzern, catalogue Schweizerische Kunst- und Antiquitäten-Messe, Basel 1972, p. 18. Calyx krater by the Underworld Painter, Apulian, 4th century BC. Clay. H 59.5 cm. Courtesy Galerie Galerie Günter et Puhze.  Provenance: Belgian private collection, Liege, acquired in the early 1970sLiterature: LIMC, Supplt 2009, vol. 1, p. 176/177, vol. 2 p.... [Lire la suite]

23 août 2013

'Sicily: Art and Invention Between Greece and Rome' at Cleveland Museum of Art

Gold Phiale Mesomphalos (Offering Dish), 325-€“275 BC. Sikeliote (Sicilian Greek). Gold; 3.7 x 22.8 cm. Courtesy of the Antiquarium di Himera. By permission of the Regione Siciliana, Assessorato dei Beni Culturali e dell’Identità Siciliana. Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali e dell’Identità Siciliana. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. CLEVELAND - Sicily: Art and Invention Between Greece and Rome presents masterpieces of art from ancient Sicily, an island crossroads that forged a distinctive Hellenic identity. Occupying a... [Lire la suite]