25 juillet 2021

Golden Splendour – Gold Jewellery from the Collection of Tuyêt Nguyêt and Stephen Markbreiter at Sotheby's HK

Tuyêt Nguyêt (1934-2020) and Stephen Markbreiter (1921-2014) were passionate collectors of Asian Art, over the years amassing a comprehensive collection that includes a diverse range of arts from different cultures. Following the earlier successful sales of gilt-bronze Buddhist metalwork, jade carvings, China trade paintings, and snuff bottles, this online auction presents a remarkable assemblage of antique gold jewellery. Among Tuyêt Nguyêt's many passions was her antique jewellery collection which represents pieces she... [Lire la suite]

04 février 2021


Stele of Vishnu, West India, Rajasthan region, 12th century. Dark grey hard stone. H 79 cm. GRUSENMEYER - WOLINER at BRAFA 2021. Photo credit: Studio Asselberghs-Frédéric Dehaen Provenance: Spanish collection, acquired by the father on 30 September 1969, Oriental Antiquities Ltd, London.  Stele of Padmapani, Indonesia, central Java, 9th century. Andesite. H 28 x W 43 cm. GRUSENMEYER - WOLINER at BRAFA 2021. Provenance: Spink & Son Ltd, London, 21 October 1980. A crocodile... [Lire la suite]
30 juillet 2018

An Important Stone Head of Buddha, Indonesia, Central Java, 9th Century

Lot 23. An Important Stone Head of Buddha, Indonesia, Central Java, 9th Century; 15 ¾ in. (39.9 cm.) high. Estimate USD 200,000 - USD 300,000. Price realised USD 509,000. © Christie's Images Ltd 2015. Finely carved with bow-shaped mouth and downcast eyes centered by a raised urna, flanked by pendulous pierced earlobes, the hair in snail-shell curls over the conicalushnisha. Provenance: With Aaron Vecht, Amsterdam, 1932.Private Collection, New York, 1939-1960s.Collection of Robert H.... [Lire la suite]
19 février 2016

Gisèle Croës s.a. at Asia Week New York 2016

Bronze bell, Nao, Late Shang dynasty (circa 1600-1050 BC). Bronze with green and blue patina, malachite and azurite incrustation. Height 57,4 cm (22 10/16 in.) - Width 37 cm (14 1/2 in.) © Gisèle Croës Volcanic Stone Head of Buddha Shakyamuniva. Indonesia, Central Java, 9th-10th century. Height: 15 inches (38 cm). Photo: Studio Roger Asselberghs - Frédéric Dehaen. © Gisèle Croës Bronze Bow-Shaped Fitting. Shang Dynasty (1600-1050 B.C.), 13th-10th century B.C. Length: 14 1/4 inches... [Lire la suite]
20 janvier 2016

Couronnes indonésiennes.

Couronne religieuse bouddhique, avant 7ème siècle, Antique royaume de Mataram, Indonésie. Or et pierres précieuses. Yale University Art Gallery. Couronne religieuse bouddhiste, Ushnisha, 8ème-début du 10ème siècle, Central Java, Indonésie. Or, 6,8cm. The Samuel Eilenberg-Jonathan P. Rosen Collection of Indonesian Gold, Bequest of Samuel Eilenberg and Gift of Jonathan P. Rosen, 1998. 1998.544.9. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Couronne religieuse bouddhiste, 1ère moitié du 10ème... [Lire la suite]
31 août 2015

Hongkong Land presents 'Parallel Worlds: Where Art & Archaeology Collide'

Elephas Hysudrindicus / The Blora Elephant (replica). Location: Sunggun Village, Kradenan, Blora, Central Java, Indonesia. Age: estimated to be about 165,000 years old, 165h x 125 x 220 cm.  HONG KONG.- Hongkong Land collaborates with the Bandung Geology Museum of Indonesia to present the major upcoming exhibition Parallel Worlds: Where Art & Archaeology Collide, reconciling the realms of science and the arts. It's staged at The Rotunda, Exchange Square in Central from 1st to 18th September 2015. The exhibition... [Lire la suite]
21 décembre 2013

Gold and ruby ring. Central Java, Indonesia, 8th-10th century

Gold and ruby ring. Central Java, Indonesia, 8th-10th century. Photo courtesy Susan Ollemans Gold and ruby. Length: 1.56 inches (4 cm); Width: .81 inch (2 cm).Susan Ollemans. Modern Design in the Ancient World. Valentina Gallery, Inc. 960 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor. New York 10021. T (212) 807 6450 - ollemans178@btinternet.com - www.ollemans.com. Asia Week New York. A Celebration of Asian Art. MARCH 14–22, 2014
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