17 décembre 2019

CODART Canon announces the 100 most important Dutch and Flemish works of art

Elias Scerpswert (? – ?), Bust of St Frederick, 1362, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. THE HAGUE.- CODART, an international network of some 700 museum curators of Dutch and Flemish art, announced the CODART Canon. The CODART Canon consists of 100 Dutch and Flemish works of art dating from before 1750 that are of particular importance to the history of art. The list can now be found on canon.codart.nl.Results of the ballotsOn the basis of two ballots (one held among museum curators followed by a second one among the general... [Lire la suite]

30 octobre 2018

Exhibition traces the emergence and influence of the nude in Renaissance art

Allegory of Fortune, about 1530, Dosso Dossi (Giovanni di Niccolò de Lutero), oil on canvas. The J. Paul Getty Museum. LOS ANGELES, CA.- Drawing inspiration from classical sculpture and the study of the live model, Renaissance artists made the nude central to their art, creating lifelike, vibrant, and varied representations of the human body. This transformative moment is one that would shape the course of European art history and resonate through the present day. On view at the J. Paul Getty... [Lire la suite]
05 août 2013

Dieric Bouts, Virgin and Child, after 1454

Dieric Bouts, Virgin and Child, after 1454. National Gallery of Denmark The Virgin Mary regards the small, naked infant Jesus with a motherly gaze, gently cradling the child in her hands. Lost to the world as only small children can be he is engrossed with examining a bead in the necklace – a rosary – he wears around his neck. Style and atmosphere The painstaking, technically brilliant modelling of the body, the long, unbound hair of the virgin, and the texture of the textiles all contribute to the convincing verisimilitude... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2011

"Venetian and Flemish Masters: Bellini, Tiziano, Canaletto - Van Eyck, Bouts, Jordaens,…" @ BOZAR

Giovanni Bellini, Ritratto di giovane (detail), 1470. Bergamo, Accademia Carrara BRUxELleS.- Après une première rencontre autour de la collection des Savoie, en 2009, les musées de Flandre et du Nord de l’Italie mettent à nouveau leurs écoles en perspective dans une ébouriffante sélection picturale. Du 15e au 18e siècle, quatre siècles de confrontations entre 15 chefs-d’œuvre du Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers et une cinquantaine de toiles de l’Accademia Carrara de Bergame, l’une des plus belles collections de peintures... [Lire la suite]