23 mars 2010

Edito : "The Fragile Issue" by Fabrice Lachant for fashion156

Shirt, shorts, bow tie and shoes by Wintle. Cardigan and trousers by Wintle. Slippers by Qasimi. Jacket, trousers and scarves tied on arms by Casely-Hayford. Shoes by Church. Rain mac and shorts by Tim Soar. Jacket by KTZ. Hat, top and pendant by John Rocha. Shirt by Nicomede. Tee shirt and trousers by Nicomede. Jacket and trousers by Satyenkumar. Shirt with sheer wrap detail by Yang Li. White shoes by Wintle. Shirt by Martine Rose In foreground; Shirt and... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2009

Fashion156: The Soiree Issue (Beauty)

Boned Dress by Ara Jo Beaded Dress by Sarah Baadarani, Ring by Mawi Dress, Bolero and Gloves by Kate Hamilton, Earrings by Mawi at Start, Bracelets by Mawi and Mawi at Start, Triple Dome Necklace by Nicola Romano at Kabiri, Rings from Escapade Cardigan worn as Cape by Tim Ryan, Chain Mail Glove and necklaces worn as headpieces by Fannie Schiavoni Dress by Ara Jo Fringed Dress by Hermione De Paula, Gloves by Corder, Ring by Mouton Collet at Valery Demure Dress and Cape by Belle Sauvage,... [Lire la suite]
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27 décembre 2009

Fashion156: James & Alex B by Fabrice Lachant

Shirt by Samantha Edwards, Mask by Maiko Takeda, Large Circular Ring by Mawi, Small Square Ring by Topman White Structured T-Shirt by Matteo Bigliardi, Belt by Louise Amstrup Sheer Jacket by Omar Kashoura, Bracelets by Fannie Schiavoni, Christopher Kane for Atelier Swarovski and Topshop Blazer by Satyenkumar, Necklaces by Fannie Schiavoni Hat by Philippa Jenkins, Cane by Anette Wahlstrom Belt by Louise Amstrup Blazer and shirt by Anette Wahlstrom, Neckpiece by Luna and Curious, Necklace in... [Lire la suite]
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03 novembre 2009

Edito : 'Black & White' with Jack Gillespie & Alessandro by Fabrice Lachant for fashion156

Knit top and gloves by Asger Juel Larsen Knit top and gloves by Asger Juel Larsen Top with metal ring detailing by William Green Structured, woollen coat and belt by Tim Soar Neoprene coat by Raf Simons at Harrods. Black polo neck by Alexander McQueen at Selfridges. Cuffed trousers by YSL at Harrods. Shoes by Tim Soar. Leather trousers by Tim Soar. Structural knit polo neck by Jil Sander at Liberty Denim jumpsuit, hat and boots by William Green. Grey, wool coat by Alexander McQueen... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2008

fashion156: The structured man (10)

Sweater by Jil Sander @ Selfridges, further information available @ www.selfridges.com . Trousers by Hans Madsen, further information available @ www.hans-madsen.com Photography and retouching: Fabrice Lachant @ www.photobyfabrice.com . Styling: Guy Hipwell, contact guy@fashion156.com . Make-up: Lan Nguyen using MAC cosmetics @  www.myspace.com/creativemakeupartist . Hair: Marc Eastlake @ www.balconyjump.co.uk , assisted by Christopher Coe. Stylist's Assistants: Gaia Bonini, Samara Tompsett, Simran Kaur. Model: Francois @... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2008

Portfolio : Sarah Ann shootée par Fabrice Lachant for fashion156

Photographer:  Fabrice Lachant www.photobyfabrice.com .  Make up: Lan Nguyen using MAC cosmetics,  www.myspace.com/creativemakeupartist . Hair: Marc Eastlake for L'Oreal marceastlake@hotmail.co.uk . Model: Sarah Ann @ Select. Photographers assistant: Christos Tsirikos
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02 septembre 2008

Portfolio: Tommy B shooté par Fabrice Lachant pour fashion156: The Black Issue

Trousers by Carolyn Massey, further information at www.carolynmassey.com . Headpiece and neckpiece by James Long, further information at www.jameslonguk.com Cape by Carolyn Massey for Lens at Topman, further information at www.carolynmassey.com . Cardigan and trousers by Satyenkumar, further information at www.satyenkumar.co.uk . Boots by Sergio Rossi, further information at www.sergiorossi.com Suit by Alexander McQueen at Selfridges, further information available at www.selfridges.com . Vest by Carolyn Massey,... [Lire la suite]
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26 juillet 2008

Portfolio : Clara shootée par Fabrice Lachant pour fashion156

Photography: Fabrice Lachant @ photobyfabrice. Hair: Marc Eastlake for L'Oreal. Makeup: Lan Nguyen using MAC cosmetics. Post-Production & Assisting:  Christos Tsirikos.  Model: Clara @ selectmodel
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