21 août 2019

A rare small Yueyao celadon box and cover, Five Dynasties period, 10th century 

Lot 539. A rare small Yueyao celadon box and cover, Five Dynasties period, 10th century; 3¼ in. (8.2 cm.) diam. Estimate USD 5,000 - USD 7,000. Price realised USD 5,625. © Christie's Image Ltd 2008. Of almost spherical fruit form, the cover crisply carved with inverted overlapping petals below a slightly depressed roundel applied in the center with a pinched stem, both sections covered inside and out with a lustrous greyish-green glaze that continues onto the countersunk base which retains four marks from the... [Lire la suite]

11 mars 2018

Priestley & Ferraro at Asia Week New York, 15-24 march 2018

An early Yaozhou celadon bowl. China, Five Dynasties period or early Northern Song dynasty, 10th century. Glazed ceramic. © Priestley & Ferraro A Yueyao mandarin duck-pattern box and cover, Northern Song dynasty (960-1127), 11th-12th century. Diameter: 13.2cm, 5 ¼ in. © Priestley & Ferraro A Jianyao “hare’s-fur” teabowl. Early Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279), 12th-13th century. Diameter: 11.2 cm, 4 3/8 inches. © Priestley & Ferraro A Cizhou pillow with tiger, Song dynasty... [Lire la suite]
03 août 2017

Northern Song dynasty Yaozhou ceramics in Cleveland Museum of Art

Ewer with a Lion-shaped Spout, 10th-11th century, China, Shaanxi province, Tongshuan, Huangbaozhen, Five Dynasties period (907-960) or Northern Song dynasty (960-1126), green-glazed porcelaneous stoneware with modeled, carved and incised decoration, Yaozhou ware, Overall: h. 18.3 cm (7 3/16 in.). Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund, 1948.220 © The Cleveland Museum of Art. Incense Burner Top in the Shape of a Lion, 1100s, China, Shaanxi province, Northern Song dynasty (960-1127), green-glazed porcelaneous stoneware,... [Lire la suite]
02 mars 2017

Ding Ware Square Bowl, Five Dynasties Period, 907 – 960 A.D.

Ding Ware Square Bowl, Five Dynasties Period, 907 – 960 A.D. © Zetterquist Galleries Width: 10.8cm A deep square porcelaineous stoneware bowl with foliate form rim and molded floral decorations around the cavetto, conforming to the petals. The inside bottom has a central coin shaped medallion with molded plum blossom pattern. The entire piece, except for its flat unglazed base, is covered with an idyllic early Ding ware glaze that pools to a taupe color. One minute and two small rim chip restorations. Although this... [Lire la suite]
02 mars 2017

Foliate White Ware Bowl, Five Dynasties Period, 907 – 960 A.D.

Foliate White Ware Bowl, Five Dynasties Period, 907 – 960 A.D. © Zetterquist Galleries Diameter: 17.2cm A northern white ware porcelaineous stoneware shallow bowl with its rim carved in a foliate design of five lobes divided into two petals each, and covered with a translucent glaze. (Some minute rim chips.) The outside has ivory colored glaze pooling and sits on a straight, neatly cut unglazed footrim more typical of Ding than Xing wares. From a private American collection. A similar example from the Carl Kempe... [Lire la suite]
16 juillet 2016

The Ashmolean Museum's Greenwares Collection (part 5)

Greenware circular box and lid with flower decoration, Yue kiln-sites, 10th century, Five Dynasties Period (AD 907 - 960); stoneware, with incised decoration under a green glaze; glazed base; glazed rim; with lid 4.5 cm (height), without lid 2.7 cm (height), 10.6 cm (diameter). Presented by Sir Herbert Ingram, 1956., EA1956.231 © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford. Greenware circular box and lid with flower decoration, Yue kiln-sites, 10th... [Lire la suite]

10 mai 2016

A small 'Xing' ewer, Five dynasties period

Lot 218. A small 'Xing' ewer, Five dynasties period. Estimate 3,000 — 5,000 GBP (3,831 - 6,386 EUR). Photo Sotheby's rising from a short foot to an angled shoulder and waisted neck, set to one side with a strap handle and the other a short cylindrical spout, covered overall with a creamy-white glaze. 13 cm, 5 1/8 in.  Provenance: Bluett & Sons, London.Collection of Carl Kempe.Sotheby's London, 14th May 2008, lot 230. Exhibited: Bo Gyllensvard, Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe... [Lire la suite]
16 mai 2015

A very rare yueyao celadon box with cover, Five Dynasties (AD907-960)

A very rare yueyao celadon box with cover, Five Dynasties (AD907-960). Estimate HKD150,000 - 200,000 (TWD607,000 - 810,000) (USD19,300 - 25,800). Photo courtesy Ravenel. The cover of this box, which fits snugly onto the bottom part, is very slightly arched. Below the edge of the cover's flat top a protruding decorative line runs all around. Box and lid have a smooth surface without any decorative designs. At the rims and the bottom of the foot the yellow-brown ceramic body is visible, but the rest of the object is covered... [Lire la suite]
16 mars 2015

A 'Yue' bowl, Five dynasties period

A 'Yue' bowl, Five dynasties period. Estimate 4,000 — 6,000 USD. Photo Sotheby's the rounded sides rising from a short solid disc-shaped foot, covered overall with a thin olive-green glaze leaving the flat footrim unglazed revealing the gray stoneware body. Diameter 6 1/4  in., 15.9 cm Property of the Bai Ma Xuan Collection   Sotheby's. Important Chinese Works of Art, New York, 17 mars 2015, 02:00 PM
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18 juin 2014

"Decorated Porcelains of Dingzhou. White Ding wares from the collection of the National Palace Museum'

Dish with impressed design of peonies and pleated rim, Ding ware, Jin dynasty, 13th century © National Palace Museum Ding wares come from a region of northern China formerly known as Dingzhou (Ding prefecture); the white porcelains made there have been prized since the Song dynasty (960–1279). Archaeologists have found the main Ding kiln complex on the border of present-day Quyang in Hebei province, unearthing a complex cluster of kilns covering a wide area and capable of rich production. The kilns began to flourish during the... [Lire la suite]