02 mars 2019

A fine 'Yaozhou' five-lobed bowl, Five Dynasties-Northern Song Dynasty (907-1126)

Lot 391. A fine 'Yaozhou' five-lobed bowl, Five Dynasties-Northern Song Dynasty (907-1126); 6 in., 15.2 cm. Estimate 60,000 — 80,000 USD. Lot sold 72,000  USD. Photo: Sotheby's. finely potted of conical form with the deeply rounded petals radiating out from a circular center, each rim delinated by a sharp notch at the rim and a raised edge separating the lobes, covered overall in an even pale celadon-green glaze stopping neatly before the knife-pared foot revealing the buff colored body. ... [Lire la suite]

16 janvier 2018

A 'Ding' vase, Five Dynasties-Northern Song dynasty (907-1126)

Lot 455. A 'Ding' vase, Five Dynasties-Northern Song dynasty (907-1126); 16.5cm., 6 1/2 in. Estimate 400 — 600 GBP. Lot Sold 5,000 GBP. Photo courtesy Sotheby's 2008 the baluster body rising from a short spreading foot to a short tapering neck and everted rolled rim, covered overall in an off-white glaze falling in an even line above the foot to reveal the white slip and white body. Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. 05 Nov 08. London
21 août 2017

Freeman's announces highlights from the September 9 Asian Arts auction

PHILADELPHIA, PA.- Freeman’s September 9 Asian Arts auction will offer collectors a wide array of Asian fine and decorative arts. A highlight of the sale is the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord and Pamela Watkins—including a fine group of Song to Ming dynasty ceramics and related wares of Southeast Asia— and a complementary private Pennsylvania collection, giving collectors and connoisseurs the rare opportunity to bid on a range of wares not often brought to auction. Additional highlights include Chinese paintings from... [Lire la suite]