20 janvier 2018

ArtAncient at BRAFA, 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018, Stand 86d

Corinthian helmet. Bronze. Greece, Archaic period, 650 BC. H 36.8 cm. © ArtAncient Corinthian helmets are the most striking and immediately recognisable of all ancient Greek helmets; emblematic of ancient Greece and its soldier-citizen, the Hoplite. Provenance: Heiner collection, Bonn, Germany, prior to 1991; Antiken-Kabinett, Frankfurt (List-n° 0456) by 1991.   Gold stater with the portrait of Alexander, Macedonia, minted under King Lysimachos, circa 297-281 BC, Ø 1.86... [Lire la suite]

26 décembre 2013

An ancient gold stater from the City of Kyrene, Struck, 322 - 313 B.C.

An ancient gold stater from the City of Kyrene, modern day Libya. Minted under one of Alexander the Great's closest friends and allies, Ophellas while acting as governor under Ptolemy I. Struck 322 - 313 B.C.  The obverse with the goddess of Victory, Nike driving slow quadriga (four horse chariot) right holding reins and goad. The legend reading: KYPANAION - "Of the Kyrenians"The reverse with the god, Zeus-Ammon shown standing left, his robes hanging from his left shoulder and falling down his body in swathes. He rests... [Lire la suite]
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25 décembre 2011

Bonhams to sell the Meyer & Ebe Collection of ancient Greek coins on January 6

Mysia, Pergamum (Pergamon), Gold Stater, After 336 BC. Photo: Bonhams NEW YORK, N.Y.- Bonhams announces the sale of the Meyer & Ebe Collection of Ancient Greek Coins on January 6. This small, exquisite collection of coinage of classical antiquity will comprise just over 100 lots, with coins issued from the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. Several classic design types will be represented in this unique auction from a number of the most famous parts of ancient Greece, including but not limited to Syracuse, Macedon, Athens,... [Lire la suite]