18 avril 2016

A Hanaito odoshi nimai-do gusoku (blue and purple laced two-piece cuirass armor), Edo period, 17th century

Lot 64. A Hanaito odoshi nimai-do gusoku (blue and purple laced two-piece cuirass armor), Edo period, 17th century, helmet signed Soshu ju Ietsugu saku. Estimate $10,000 - $20,000. Price Realized $17,500. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016. The armor comprising: Helmet [kabuto]: a forty-two plate russet iron sujibachi (ridged helmet) with gilt fukurin (edging), each plate with fifteen zaboshi ('rounded rivets seated on floral washers), three... [Lire la suite]

23 juin 2014

A suit of ceremonial armor with helmet, Late Qing dynasty

A suit of ceremonial armor with helmet, Late Qing dynasty. Photo Bonhams Including a jacket, paired shoulder guards and underarm gussets, a center flap and a left flap at the lower edge of the jacket, and a wraparound divided skirt resembling chaps, the surfaces of each section mounted with evenly spaced gilt metal studs over dark fabric woven with gilt threads trimmed with black velvet edging, lined with flower-patterned pale blue silk, all with either ties, or gilt metal ball-and-loop buttons for attachment, the shoulder guards... [Lire la suite]
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15 août 2013

Close helmet for combat at the barriers. Augsburg, about 1590

Close helmet for combat at the barriers. Augsburg, about 1590 (HAM 2205.a). John Woodman Higgins Armory collection. Worcester Art Museum
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29 juillet 2013

Roman face helmet. 15 BC. Nijmegen Museum. Netherlands.

Roman face helmet. 15 B.C. Nijmegen Museum. Netherlands.
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03 juin 2012

An iron helmet. China, 18th Century

An iron helmet. China, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's - Sarzana Skull in the shape of a truncated cone with cylindrical base, riveted top with concave sides; small brim, protecting bands on front and nape, a row of rivets at the base. Parts missing. dimensions: height 18,5 cm. Lot 555. Estimation : 1 500 / 1 800 € Czerny's - Sarzana, Italy. Dimanche 3 juin 2012. Teatro Impavidi. Tel. +39 0187 691376. 
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05 mai 2012

An extremely rare Imperial parcel-gilt iron helmet. Qing dynasty, Qianlong period

An extremely rare Imperial parcel-gilt iron helmet. Qing dynasty, Qianlong period. Photo Sotheby's thinly cast in iron in a dome shape, the exterior decorated in gilt with a frieze of Sanskrit characters written with raised beaded edges, interrupted by interlinked ferocious animal masks in low relief suspending beaded jewels, all between two bands of further Sanskrit characters, and evenly divided by two vertical flange detailed with stylised parcel-gilt dragons, attached around the base with... [Lire la suite]

22 juillet 2011

Good Doctor's Suits of Armour Make 782,508 in Sell Out Auction @ Bonhams

A Cuirassier Three-Quarter Armour. Circa 1620-30, Probably French Or German. Bonhams LONDON.- Bonhams sale of Fine Antique Arms and Armour on July 20th at Knightbridge included the life’s work of a medical doctor, Peter Parsons, whose passion was armour. Proof of the good doctor’s eye for armour was evident in brisk bidding that saw some very strong prices achieved in some cases making many multiples of their pre-sale estimates. By the end of the 192 item sale just four lots remained unsold, but went in after auction sales. Lot... [Lire la suite]
23 novembre 2010

Arms of Duke Julius of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel @ Thomas Del Mar Ltd

A Brunswick state two-hand processional sword of the guard of Julius, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg in Wolfenbüttel (1528-89), N°. 237, dated 1573. photo Thomas Del Mar Ltd with straight double-edged blade of flattened diamond-section, rectangular ricasso formed with a pair of slender up-turned lugs in the middle, boldly incised with the crowned Ducal monogram, the number and the date within a linear frame on each side, iron hilt comprising a pair of ribbon-like quillons each interrupted by a fish-shaped moulding and... [Lire la suite]
02 octobre 2010

The Crosby Garrett Helmet. A Roman bronze cavalry parade helmet. Circa late 1st-2nd century A.D.

The Crosby Garrett Helmet. A Roman bronze cavalry parade helmet. Circa late 1st-2nd century A.D. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2010 Composed of two sections, helmet and mask; the tinned bronze face-mask with idealised youthful features, the openwork eyes with irises formed of delicate perforated rings, the upper and lower lids with incised lashes, the eyebrows arching from the bridge of the nose to the hairline with incised herringbone detail, the nostrils pierced, the fleshy lips slightly parted, with filtrum indicated,... [Lire la suite]
14 mai 2010

Rare Roman Marble Relief Leads Christie's Auction of Antiquities

NEW YORK, NY.- Christie's announced the sale of Antiquities on June 10, which will offer over 150 lots with a stunning selection of Roman marbles, Greek helmets and vases, and Egyptian art. The highlight of the sale is a rare Roman marble relief from the Julio-Claudian period, circa early 1st century A.D., that depicts the Emperor Tiberius standing before a seated Genius with the goddess Concordia between them as intermediary. This outstanding Imperial commission, perhaps from an altar or other civic monument, is superbly sculpted in... [Lire la suite]